Friday, June 23, 2017

Paint Party Friday

First I am honored to be the featured artist this week. Thank you to all of those who have commented and viewed my post from last week!
Thanks to Eva and Kristin for all of the work they do to keep up going here every week. 

It's been a quite week here with lots of sunshine and heat. 
You would think that if it's too hot to be outside I would have gotten some art done but it didn't work out that way . 
I started a piece but only got the background finished.  I just can't seemed to stay focused this week.
Here is the painting so far....
.... I have no idea where it is going at all. 
Temps are supposed to drop tonight and have an great week of moderate temps  so things should start happening again :) 
Today's random thought. 

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Paint Party Friday on the LATE SIDE

I started this on Thursday night and somehow got distracted and forgot to finish. So something that was going to be early is now late again. 
It's been busy, busy, busy here. With the on going battle to stay ahead of the weeds and the garden that seems to never get completely planted no matter how late the season is getting. 
Art is just having a bit of trouble finding time to get any work done on it. :) 
I did finish one painting though so it's not a complete loss.

For me summer is always lost in the flowers and veggies and I rather like it that way :) 

Just a few random thoughts.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday and Release of Nine Monarch Butterflies

Having technical issues this morning so this will be a very short post . We had storms yesterday and our internet has been sketchy since. :( 
Last week was a grand week for butterflies with a total of 17 being released. This is the only video I can access this morning but it's the biggest release. 
Here's my drink for the day... coffee of course with one of my art projects for the week.

This is the other piece I was working on, which is almost finished.
Since it has taken forever for this much to get done I will sign off and hope this works. 
We'll try one random thought....
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T Stands for Tuesday !

Friday, May 26, 2017

Paint Party Friday

It's Friday and time to share a bit of art with all of you folks. It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted... I haven't been doing art. πŸ˜’
Just too busy with the yard and garden and those crazy caterpillars. 
After 24 failures with unhealthy caterpillars we finally have 4 apparently healthy butterflies. Yesterday 2 females emerged and today we have 2 more. Before the day is out today we should have 5 more butterflies. Exciting times for me anyways ♥

Since the past week was just a waiting game and no messes to clean up several times a day I have had time for art. 
Working on two pieces  at the same time. 
  I started with a prepared background that I had made by smearing leftover paints on a sheet of watercolor paper.
Then a butterfly sketched on a sheet of paper for the second one. This was used on a canvas for a mixed media piece. 
Then started adding more details to both...

More details .... 

... and this is where I am at now 😊
The butterfly is nearly done and the other has a lot more work to be done. 
I should  have more time this coming week to finish them and start something else. 
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Paint Party Friday

What a crazy week here! 
Lots of crazy weather and rain and then more rain. 
Two huge branches broke off our big Maple tree and nearly wiped out my tuck . 

Luckily there was no damage !!!!
The Monarch Butterflies have visited and my tiny little milkweed plants are being devoured by the hungry critters. 
I have 34 caterpillars inside and there are over a hundred outside. The most every in my butterfly garden. 
So between yard clean up after the storms and feeding caterpillars there has not been a lot of art. 
I have one painting that is nearly complete  .
Don't know when she will get done as this next week will be filled with deep cleaning as I have family coming to visit next weekend. 
The house has been grossly neglected the past few months with my back issues so lots to done for the visit. 
Thanks again to Eva and Kristin for keeping us together all of these years!!!!! 
It's much appreciated. 
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Friday, April 21, 2017

Paint Party Friday

Time has totally gotten away from me this week πŸ˜“ I am behind in everything. 
I did finish the painting from last week by only adding a heavier white line around the figures so they stand out more from the background. 
Which was just in time for the Monarchs to make an appearance in the yard.

She laid hundreds of eggs on the tiny little milkweed  plants in my gardens. 
Now we have lots of tiny little monarch caterpillars eating away at the leaves. 

I have never had this many before and never in the spring only in late summer and early fall. I have only 5 inside right now as the milkweed plants aren't big enough to strip too many leaves from. Luckily they are growing fast. 
I have started a new painting's only in the sketch stage so far. 
 Wish I had done a background first... but it will work out. 
Today's Random Thoughts 

I ordered myself a new tee shirt this week and can't wait for it to get here.
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