Friday, June 29, 2012

Paint Party Friday & Butterfly Effect

It's Paint Party Friday 
the Butterfly Effect
Didn't think I was going to make it this week. I've been working the closing shift all week and that really messes me up. The temps being over 100° every day hasn't helped either. Yesterday was 110°!! And it's only June! 
So much for the whining and on to the art. The theme this week at Butterfly Effect was the 80's. Who says the 80's more than 
Cyndi Lauper?! 

Not my best but it was fun. Might work on the hair a bit more ..we'll see.
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Paint Party Friday

Friday, June 15, 2012

Butterfly effect & Paint Party Friday

Under the African Sky

My daughter recently went on a 19 Day 
wonderful trip to Africa. 
Since she is so like her mother in many ways  
she has a gazillion pictures to share with us. 
This picture was in the first batch she shared.

I knew the minute I saw it  I wanted to paint it and probably in watercolors .
So today I drug all of my watercolor pencils and brushes out to the deck to paint. 
As I quickly tried to do the painting I started remembering all the things about watercolors I had forgotten.
Like don't erase on watercolor shows when you try to paint...... and don't paint outside on a windy dries too fast.....and don't try to do it quickly. No matter how many other things you have to do that day :0( 
So I'm calling this one my practice piece for the Masterpiece that will get done later :0) 
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Now I'm off to try real hard to get those other jobs done today...maybe!