Friday, February 24, 2017

Paint Party Friday

Another week or two has past. I skipped last week as we were busy working outside since Mother Nature blessed us with summer type weather...but no bugs yet. 😍  We have a lot of wooded areas on our property that have become severely over grown with invasive honeysuckle bushes and vines.  So it was a good time to get out there and clear out as much as possible. It's starting to look good out there again. The challenge now will be to keep it cleared out. 
So I've fallen way behind in art work. I didn't get the last WIP I showed you finished before heading into the great outdoors. 
She was the last piece for my Mindy Lacefield class. I may go back and do some of the lessons again, just to help me remember that it's good to stay loose. 
The next piece I did was a play piece in my journal that was a prep for me before I started a new class with 
Heather  Lippincott Foust.


Then the first lesson in the class was so much fun and I love the results!!! 
Now I've got some serious catch up to do if I'm going to get 29 Faces done this month 😓
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Friday, February 3, 2017

Paint Party Friday & 29 Faces in February 2017

Is it really the end of the week already ? 
Where did all of the days go ? 
Just one of those weeks that slipped by with out me realizing it had left already. Happens when ever I start reading a good book . 
So not as much art as I wanted to get done. 
On Monday I finished the piece I was working on for the Mindy Lacefield class.

My favorite so far :) 
Then Tuesday started the 
29 Faces in February 
Face # 1 was a lot of fun and you can see the influence from Mindy's class again. 
 Then I started on the next class  and it was supposed to be face # 2. But I've hit a wall and have to step away from it for a bit. 
Here is the WIP  
Hoping to get it done today and then on to Face #3. 
Last nights moon was another beauty... 
in the Waxing Crescent Phase  and the details of the surface show well.

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