Thursday, July 28, 2016

Paint Party Friday

It's Time to PARTY!!! 
Thanks again to Eva and Kristin for hosting our little get together every Friday ♥ 
Not a whole lot of art done here this week. 
The garden is finally bearing food and things had to be processed ♥ ♥ ♥ 
This is what I did manage to get finished. 
At least I think it's finished... I'm not really  happy with it though so it may get reworked a bit. 
I liked the face better in the sketch so maybe that is what I'll rework. 
With 80% humidity it's steamy hot but still not as hot as last week was. So I was able  to get some things done outside. 
I do have a bit of Garden Art I can share though if not much of my art...

These little glass bugs are solar lights :)  

 Old brake shoes with rebar and vintage glass conductors . I did assemble this one. 

The grave site of the best dog ever... He was a rescued Australian Shepard that had been abused and he captured our hearts and then broke 12 years later when he left us. ♥ 
I like to pick up brass bird statues at the flea market  and tag sales...
The wire ball is made from and old bundle of barbed wire I picked out of someones trash  :-/  
The mosaic piece I made over a 5 year time while I was caring for my MIL who had dementia. I'd so a little bit here and there as she napped. Then completed it when she passed.    
The  tree in it is a Stag Horn/Elk Horn Sumac . Which is invasive so that's why it's in a pot. The limbs of the tree are fuzzy like the horns of the Elk/Stag in early spring. It had bright red cone like flower clusters.  
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Paint Party Friday

Friday, July 22, 2016

Paint Party Friday & Art Journal Journey

Welcome my Friday Friends! 
It's been a hot week here so more time spent inside than outside. Which translates to more art and catching up on housework. 
First I'd like to congratulate 

for being chosen the featured artist this week. Her tales of BigBig are so cute and she does the greatest drawings to go with them. 

Thanks again to Eva & Kristin for all of their work every week to keep us going. ♥ 
I finished the Tomato Worm page in my 
Wild Things Journal .

Then I worked on a collage for the same journal. 
It started with a background I had laying around.  
Then I did a green wash over it and started adding magazine pictures I'd torn out and painted on some leaves. 
I then extended the tree to the top of the page by painting the rough bark texture. 
Then I added the words to the page .

               We have several dead trees in our wooded area. We leave them standing unless the pose a danger to buildings, power lines and things like that. Then we cut down the major part of the tree and leave the trunk standing. You can do so much with these standing trunks. Attach a bird house or a piece of garden art or just let it stand and rot away. 

        I keep telling myself that I'm going to fill some of the holes in this tree trunk and plant flowers but I haven't gotten there yet.       
        This birdhouse will have to be moved soon as the small trunk it's attached to has become unstable. The birdhouse needs a fresh coat of paint too. :) 
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Paint Party Friday

Thanks again to Eva & Kristin for keeping us up and running here!!!! 
A Big High Five to Faye also for being chosen as the featured artist of the week. Love her watercolors ♥♥♥♥
Still  playing outside mostly but have done a bit more art this week. 
One was another practice piece for the 
class I'm taking over at

Two more of the wild cats using different techniques. I will love learning different ways of doing things and seeing how they turn out in my art. 
The second piece is a work in progress that started out as a background practice piece and then turned into a piece on garden pest. 
The Great Tomato Horn Worm to be exact!  The beast that is determined to do my tomatoes in. 
He's so ugly he's almost pretty and I hear it will turn into a beautiful night moth if allowed to live. Everyone I find becomes lizard food!!!!  Oshi thinks they are a delightful addition to his diet and actually gets all excited when he sees me adding one to his cage. 
I try to find them when they are small but they are good at hiding and get big fast! 
So that's what is happening in my little part of the world. 
Calm and peaceful compared to many places this week.  My heart goes out to all of those who have suffered from the violence this week and I pray for a way to bring peace to our world one day soon.

 Paint Party Friday

Saturday, July 9, 2016


My days are all screwed up this week. :( 
Whenever we have a Holiday and my husband is off on Mondays the rest of the week is all messed up for me. My schedule varies every week but his is a Mon-Fri. job that keeps me straight . Unless he's off. 
Still not a lot of art going's summer and I'm an outdoor girl. 
We finally got a lot of rain and cool weather so I have been working outside pulling weeds and transplanting self sown perennials. 
Love it ♥ 
I did do another painted rock...
... and started a ACEO/ATC ...
... the rocks I buy at Home Depot back in the garden section. They are beach rocks and are about $12 a bag but they will sell the busted bags for half price  so I grabbed one. Not all of the rocks are face shaped but a great many of them are. :) 
The flowers are doing well and  we're eating zucchini out of the veggie garden. It will be a while before we have anything else since it was so late going in. 

A couple of people have commented on the Passion Vine Flower and wanted more photos. So there the are :0 the last photo is one of the vines growing up a trellis. They don't look as pretty today as the ~*#@ Japanese Beetles have arrived and they just love the flowers and vine.  Not to mention the Plum tree leaves which they have nearly eaten all of . The attack the plums every year and before I realized how much damage they were doing the trees where beyond hope. Two have already died and the other two will probably go this winter. 
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