Thursday, July 28, 2016

Paint Party Friday

It's Time to PARTY!!! 
Thanks again to Eva and Kristin for hosting our little get together every Friday ♥ 
Not a whole lot of art done here this week. 
The garden is finally bearing food and things had to be processed ♥ ♥ ♥ 
This is what I did manage to get finished. 
At least I think it's finished... I'm not really  happy with it though so it may get reworked a bit. 
I liked the face better in the sketch so maybe that is what I'll rework. 
With 80% humidity it's steamy hot but still not as hot as last week was. So I was able  to get some things done outside. 
I do have a bit of Garden Art I can share though if not much of my art...

These little glass bugs are solar lights :)  

 Old brake shoes with rebar and vintage glass conductors . I did assemble this one. 

The grave site of the best dog ever... He was a rescued Australian Shepard that had been abused and he captured our hearts and then broke 12 years later when he left us. ♥ 
I like to pick up brass bird statues at the flea market  and tag sales...
The wire ball is made from and old bundle of barbed wire I picked out of someones trash  :-/  
The mosaic piece I made over a 5 year time while I was caring for my MIL who had dementia. I'd so a little bit here and there as she napped. Then completed it when she passed.    
The  tree in it is a Stag Horn/Elk Horn Sumac . Which is invasive so that's why it's in a pot. The limbs of the tree are fuzzy like the horns of the Elk/Stag in early spring. It had bright red cone like flower clusters.  
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  1. Lots of lovely art this week, the finished owrk is great, and I love all the photos of your wonderful garden, with all those gorgeous things you created. Here it has cooled off a bit, so I'm hoping my apartment will cool down, too! Have fun day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Lovely sketch and I do like the way it was painted! Looks great!

  3. So many wonderful things in your post today! Makes me smile and makes me happy! I always enjoy the pictures of your garden and beds. Enjoy your Friday!

  4. I like the beautiful sketch. I am so jealous of your wonderful garden! Stay cool, Carol. It's easy to get overheated before you realize it.

  5. You do have such a delightful garden Carol! Your sketch is terrific but I do also like the painted version. Hope it cools a bit for you. happy PPF!

  6. Wonderful post ~ filled with creativity ~ lovely sketch and yes it is hot ~ seems everywhere ~ or close to it ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  7. I really like your painting. And gosh, I'd love to walk around in your garden, with these little treasures everywhere. Beautiful ...

  8. A very lovely little garden.

  9. Great photos and I love that face! :)

  10. Wonderful garden and artwork!

  11. Oh what a story rich post! Love how the mosaic was completed..and the rescue dogs grave. Wonderful garden photos and the sketch of your little girl is adorable... the painting changes her expression but she is still lovely! Funny how that works! Great post!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. Ohh I really like the painting. She looks so happy. Wonderful photos of your garden. Wish we has some hot here. It gets warm then the Pacific WIND takes all the heat as it blows inland. LOL It is sunny though.

  13. you have a really nice garden :)

    your sketch looks good, nice vibrant colour to the background :)

    Happy PFF :)
    Jen #44