Tuesday, September 6, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

I'm Late! VERY LATE :( 
 I'm moving extremely slow today and it is totally my fault. We had a long holiday weekend in the USA and the weather was mild and comfortable. Absolutely beautiful!!!
On Friday evening my husband and I decided that since the weather was to be so mild for Saturday that we would get up early and get some long neglected yard work done. It's just been too blasted hot or wet to do it. 
Well the morning chores turned into an all day event as we just kept going from one chore to the next.  
Then on Sunday morning I was up early again..... because the puppy doesn't know you can sleep in on weekends :(  So I decided to get some tomatoes canned and more cucumbers picked  and pickled.  Which took way longer than I thought it would. I must be moving slower and slower :-/ 
Then the youngest son came over and he and the husband did some target shooting while I stayed inside and comforted the scared puppy and older dog. 
Friends were supposed to come over for pizza but canceled at the last minute which was actually fine by me .. I had used up my energy for the weekend. 
Come Monday  the heat was back and we were wiped out from the other two days. 
We laid around and read, watched some old movies and took naps. Today I am still dragging but not as sore as yesterday. 
Here's my drink for today... iced herbal tea again and a small piece of wood I worked on over the weekend. 
The two boys are my dad and his twin brother when they were around 11 years old.  They just turned  86 in August. 
The pictures of the boy was taken from this old family photo of them with most of their parents and brothers and sisters....missing one who had moved to Detroit with his family by then. 
This is one of those old small 2 inch by 3 inch photos that when you try to enlarge them it gets all fuzzy and out of focus. So I lightened it up and then tried painting the details back in...cutting the two boys out of the photo. 
Here is a photo of the 2 of them in July 
The one on the right in both pictures is my dad. 
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Friday, September 2, 2016

Paint Party Friday and 29 Faces in September 2016

Week 26 of Year 6 already, many thanks to Eva & Kristin for keeping us going strong ♥ 
 It's also September so it's time for 29 Faces in September 2016 :-) So today I have my first 2 faces for the month to share. 
The first one is in my Faces journal ....
... and then for Face 2 I decided to add a face to one of the home made tea boxes I am painting.

I make a lot of my own herbal tea blends and often give them as gifts so I've started painting boxes I make out of water color paper. This one isn't done yet but will end up looking sort of like this when finished. 

That's the art for today. For the 29 Faces Challenge I will probably only post a couple of days a week with multiple faces per post.  I just can't seem to find the time to write a blog post every day any longer :( 
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