Friday, March 27, 2015

Paint Party Friday

Friday Again :) 
Just want to give a shout out to Eva & Kristin for continuing to host this event year after year for 5 years and 3 weeks now. WOW!!!! 
My forever WIP is finally done :0) 
Here she was last week...
... and here she is now... with just subtle changes and shadings to finish her off...
" Gathering Spring Flowers" 
I also played with the "Gelli Plate" a bit this week. Printing a few more blank note-cards.

Then got out the gell pens and some ink and brushes and enhanced a couple of them...

...I'ms till on a learning curve with this process :) 
The weather was lovely here most of the week until yesterday and the temps dropped AGAIN :(  There was frost on the deck this morning and I haven't stuck my head outside to see what if any damage occurred with the plants. Supposed to be even colder tonight so I'll be tossing some blankets and sheets on some of the  more tender plants. 
I did too much in the garden on Monday ... it was beautiful out and I just couldn't stop.
 My constant companion who is more often in the way than anything... he turned 6 this week. 
Bales of straw placed in the veggie and herb garden waiting for the warmer weather to start the conditioning process. I will probably get at least one more truck load of straw before the season really begins and I still have  post and support wires to add to most of them. 
So the rest of the week was very laid back and mostly staying inside to stay out of trouble :) 
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Paint Party Friday

Hello Friday Lovers :) 
It was a crazy busy week here with lots of creative stuff and gardening happening. 
First off though BIG CONGRATS! to 
Linda K 
I know you will love spending that gift card :) 
So happy that Kristin and Eva still keep our fantastic group going week after week ♥
First off I did a little bit more work on my never ending WIP.....
...and no she hasn't said she's finished yet. 
Then I worked on getting things ready to make my Spring Equinox DreamWheel.
I had a vision early in the week that it would go something like this....
... with lots of photos of plants and art and healthy living and food. 
Then when I actually started it  she went like this....
....and then like this....
She ended up on my wall like this...
.... she hangs above my desk  where I have had a Dreamboard I made a couple of years ago hanging...actually I just hung the new one right over the other one. 
Here's the older one... I set here looking at the new one I see where I want to add a few words here and there :) So I guess it's another WIP :) 
I share  my Creative Space with my husband. He gets a small corner of the room and most of one wall. My "STUFF" just seems to take over everything. :0) 
I've been working on reorganizing a bit and this week I bought a wonderful little helper...
... I can roll it around where ever I need it . 
I even rolled it out to the kitchen this morning to work on my DreamWheel on the center island. I may just have to buy another one to keep in the kitchen :) 
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... because we can't always be serious....

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Paint Party Friday

It's a Milestone Friday!!! 
A birthday party of the fabulous kind ♥
Celebrating FOUR YEARS of great adventures in our little corner of the  art world! 
For keeping the dream alive and strong!

This weeks art is minimal here.. I've been taking advantage of the very warm days to get the yard cleaned up and ready for the real Spring planting season. More to do than  normal this year because of being injured last year and unable to do the fall chores. 
I did get some progress on the WIP I've been sharing the past few weeks. 
Here's where she was last week....

.... and here she is today....

She's not finished yet but she is definitely finally taking shape. 
Here's a couple of garden pictures for those who are interested.
..before much clean up work...
  ...then after much pulling and finally burning off the weeds...

I was lucky enough to get cardboard and black plastic down on a big chunk of it last fall and that part is looking great as I pull the plastic back to check it out. I'll cover it back up until planting time so the weeds don't try to move back in. 
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Friday, March 6, 2015

Paint Party Friday and Art Journals Journey

Yes it's FRIDAY!!!!!! 
The sun is SHINING and it WARMER!!!!
That's the really big news of the week ♥ 
Was in the mood for a bit more art this week...this morning actually. 
Nothing big just a page in my journal and adding a stamping to my WIP.
I don't have very many stamps...well at least I didn't. I stopped at a resale shop and they had a big gallon sized Ziploc plastic bag stuffed so full of stamps they had to use packing tape to keep it closed. Only $5 and it was half price shopping day. So for $2.50 I got a bunch of really cool stamps. 
And so I am learning the ends and outs of using a rubber stamp. Must use more ink and be careful where you get the ink :) 
The left over paints from the background went on anther page for another background...
There was also a dragonfly stamp so I used it on the WIP ....
....and I think I finally see where this one is going :) I'll give it a day or so to be sure. Why hurry at this point. 
I got some pictures of my youngest grandson wearing his felted wool hat.... which my daughter said he thinks is "CLASSIC" ..

They have been hit with some big snowfalls the past two weeks so he's gotten good use out of it !
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