Friday, July 31, 2015

Paint Party Friday

It's Friday and another week has flown by.
I missed last week .... wasn't feeling like doing anything last week...
had done too much the week before and had to let my body and mind recoup . 
All is well now. 
Not a whole lot of art this week either . 
I did some fine tuning on a previously done painting.
The before....
...and here it is today...
I felt the background was to busy in the original, even though I liked it. Also brightened up the flowers and gave them more details. 
I also did a ACT for a swap but I have to wait until next week to share it as the person hasn't received it yet. 
The garden harvest is taking most of my energy right now. 
Canning and freezing and coming up with new recipes to use everything in. 
Being semi-retired has enabled me to do more complicated meals and I'm loving it.  
So is the family :) 
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer of Color 5 and Paint Party Friday

Hello my Friday Friends!
It's been crazy busy here this week, in a very good way. 
First the art...
  I finished the WIP from last week and she is my entry for SOC 5 week 6. The final week :( 
The colors were 2 oranges and a blue. 
I did another card for the Inspirational Quote Deck..... drew another sketch onto a 9" X 12" sheet of watercolor paper . She will be next weeks painting hopefully. 

 The garden is starting to produce harvests :) So we've had fresh tomatoes, green beans and lots and lots of herbs. I've been busy drying herbs all week and now that I've worked my way through the herb garden, it's almost time to start over at the beginning again. 

Here's the Lemon Balm with half of it harvested.... 

.... you can see the Savory next to it is ready again. All of that rain and now the sun and heat have made it take off like a rocket ship . 
 The red corn is starting to tassel doesn't get much taller than this and the ears are shorter too. Very, Very sweet though :0 )
The Blue corn is not far behind it. This is the first time I've grown the blue corn so it's all an experiment. 
This what I picked today :) 
My veggie garden is small... most things will be picked and eaten within a day or two. Except for the tomatoes...when they come in full speed I'll be canning and freezing them. The other vegetables that I want to can or freeze will come from my  neighbor who has a Certified Organic Hobby Farm. I get things very cheaply form him without all of the super hard work :) Which leaves me more time for flowers and art. 
Russian Sage  
Echinacea  ,Blue Salvia & hidden 
Black Eyed Susans
 Bee Balm and Lantanas 
 The Bee Balm is starting to look tired and spent so will be pruning it back and hoping for a second season with it :) 

The Shasta Daisies. :) 
The rest of the driveway flower bed is looking very rough because it needs weeding... but that was where I got stun last week I'm embracing the weeds :)
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Friday, July 10, 2015

Paint Party Friday

It's Friday and time to 
Not a whole lot going on here this week....
rain, rain, and more rain :( 
Yesterday afternoon finally tried to be sunny and it did stop raining . 
Thinking this was my chance to get some of the monster weeds pulled I headed to the driveway flower bed.....
after just a few minutes I disturbed a wasp nest and got stung 3 times on my right hand. 
This was my hand this morning ..
So the painting I was planning to finish today didn't get done. 
I did go and get a steroid shot and some steroid pills and it much better tonight. This morning I couldn't hardly type much less hold a brush. 
One garden shot before the sting :) 
Here's the tomatoes on Wednesday...

Lots of green ones that are very slightly starting to turn ...but just not enough sunshine. The forecast for the nest 4 days is heat and sun... so just maybe we'll have ripe tomatoes :) 
This is my art for Summer of Color 5 
Two greens and a pink. The darkest colors on the page are a dark forest green then a spring green and rose pink. 
This is my WIP a sketch I did in July of 2014... It didn't scan well but there is more shading on the face. 
I did manage to get a few layers on yesterday but today was a no go....
So she'll get finished another day .
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Paint Party Friday and Summer of Color ----heavy on the pictures

It's Friday 
and the sun is SHINNING!!! ♥
Top it all with a holiday weekend here in the 
U.S.A. ♥
Thanks again to Eva and Kristin for keeping this amazing party going!!!
Plus BIG CONGRATS to Kat of dreamcolor-kat for being chosen for the featured artist of the week!
We had another week of wet and cooler weather here so there's a bit more art to share. 
For Summer of Color we had to use two red and a metallic if our choice. 
For my reds I chose Bombay Inks in Bright Red & Cherry Red and for the metallic I used  Artist Loft's Deep Yellow and Liquitex Basic's irridescent medium to create a bright and shinny gold. 
The painting is a Bee Balm blossom. I have been working with my Bee Balm all week after the storms last week knocked so much of it down. 

Ending up with several jars like this to use in some yummy tea blends..
The next art was another make over a pencil drawing I did a couple of years ago...
The drawing was done on a sheet of printer paper which I later glued into one of my journals.. I didn't do a very good job of gluing so there are lots of wrinkles. Just added texture, RIGHT :) 

Then I started laying layers of glazes and paints.... 

Finally ending up with this ...
I learned this method in an E-Class I took at 
Kat Can Paint I had saved the PDF file from the class and used it as a refresher last week . When I went to look at it again this week I had accidentally deleted it when cleaning up my downloads :(  so went to see if I could find it online and her blog is now longer open. I did find a couple of the videos from the class on YouTube but not the whole class. So I have to do a bunch of them now while I can remember the class and maybe then I'll retain the method  in this old and worn out brain. 
Next I just played in one of my journals doing a big eye while I listened to the June 28th Grateful Dead "FARE THEE WELL" concert. Sure wish I had been able to go to at least one of these 5 shows :( My daughter managed to get tickets to all five so I'll have lots of pictures to look at whenever I see her next :) ! 
Doing the eye brought back memories of 2008 when I was on a Prisma Colored Pencil addiction and drew a ton of eyes all year. 
Here are just a few... 
which were all done in the ACEO format...
2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.

You might say I was a bit compulsive with doing the eyes :) I was caring for my MIL at that time. She had Dementia and was going through a phase  where she had to be able to see me ( or whoever was watching her at the time) or she would have panic attacks. She didn't talk much just sat in front of the TV but she had to be able to see me. So I would set on the couch and draw with the colored pencils.... all evening. I produced lots of tiny pieces of art during that stage of her illness. 
Since I've already  over loaded you with photo's we won't take a garden tour this week. Not much happening there anyhow because of the rain and very cloudy days. I did get one ripe and very yummy tomato though. 
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