Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer of Color 5 and Paint Party Friday

Hello my Friday Friends!
It's been crazy busy here this week, in a very good way. 
First the art...
  I finished the WIP from last week and she is my entry for SOC 5 week 6. The final week :( 
The colors were 2 oranges and a blue. 
I did another card for the Inspirational Quote Deck..... drew another sketch onto a 9" X 12" sheet of watercolor paper . She will be next weeks painting hopefully. 

 The garden is starting to produce harvests :) So we've had fresh tomatoes, green beans and lots and lots of herbs. I've been busy drying herbs all week and now that I've worked my way through the herb garden, it's almost time to start over at the beginning again. 

Here's the Lemon Balm with half of it harvested.... 

.... you can see the Savory next to it is ready again. All of that rain and now the sun and heat have made it take off like a rocket ship . 
 The red corn is starting to tassel doesn't get much taller than this and the ears are shorter too. Very, Very sweet though :0 )
The Blue corn is not far behind it. This is the first time I've grown the blue corn so it's all an experiment. 
This what I picked today :) 
My veggie garden is small... most things will be picked and eaten within a day or two. Except for the tomatoes...when they come in full speed I'll be canning and freezing them. The other vegetables that I want to can or freeze will come from my  neighbor who has a Certified Organic Hobby Farm. I get things very cheaply form him without all of the super hard work :) Which leaves me more time for flowers and art. 
Russian Sage  
Echinacea  ,Blue Salvia & hidden 
Black Eyed Susans
 Bee Balm and Lantanas 
 The Bee Balm is starting to look tired and spent so will be pruning it back and hoping for a second season with it :) 

The Shasta Daisies. :) 
The rest of the driveway flower bed is looking very rough because it needs weeding... but that was where I got stun last week I'm embracing the weeds :)
Today's Random Thoughts

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  1. She is lovely. I love drawing and painting people and children. I'm sorry this is the last week.

    Your photos are wonderful. Enjoyed your post very much.

  2. Very nice work. Love your drawing. I also love your garden and all it's goodies. That's my kind of life. The garden makes me happy and gives me a closeness to earth. Well done.

  3. Oh I forgot, I hope your hand is doing better. Take care.

  4. Your piece for SOC as fabulous, as is the sketch. Love all the garden photos, enjoy your veggies! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  5. Very lovely art this week! I really enjoyed seeing your lovely garden and the quotes are great! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Carol! I love your work of art using this week's SOC colors! And your other pieces that you made are beautiful, too! I also loved seeing the photos of your amazing garden! Yes, you have been busy! The quotes you always post are wonderful, too. It has been a pleasure following you through the SOC this year! Hugs, Sharon

  7. Every thing looks beautiful, Carol. We could live on grilled corn this time of year! I like the SOC colors this week and your art work! I love shasta daisies! Good Morning!

  8. I'm having trouble with my computer, but want to stop by before it goes out. I adore your final SOC entry, and those veggies are really doing nicely.

  9. So much to enjoy here dear Carol!
    Your sketching and painting is wonderful and your gardens are a real work of heART too!
    Happy Weekend to you and yours.

  10. lovely art work and photos. happy PPF

  11. Love your completed portrait for SOC Carol! And oh my-what wonderful summer produce!! Finally our shred garden is producing lots of lettuces, kale, chard, cucumbers and herbs.So much so, that I invested in a Nutri Bullet to make smoothies with all our produce:) Tomatoes are looking good this year too-but still green. LOve your inspirational deck card! You can always be positive-I like that very much. Have a fab weekend!

  12. Beautiful post with such a great balance! Love fresh zucchini and tomatoes...lovely herbs and the flowers are gorgeous! Your art is wonderful you are busy, bee sting and all! Wonderful to have an organic farmer beside you... Sometimes it's cheaper to buy things than go to all the work of growing lady. Hope you hand is on the mend!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. you have been busy
    art flowers photography
    all wonderful summer thing

  14. I got a message from Krisha who is trying to contact you about getting your address so she can send you an ATC. I tried to send you an e-mail, but I think I got it wrong, because I got it back. She wants me to send her mailing address, although I don't know why, as well as her e-mail. I hate to send it over the internet, so PLEASE find a way to contact her (she has a yahoo address, not gmail) so she can send you her ATC.

  15. Your orange, orange, blue girl is gorgeous!

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  17. Super work and photos. Happy PPF

  18. Awesome post! I love the sketch with the dream-catcher in the back and the feather coming around her from the back. Your orange and blue girl is very cute too. Your garden is beautiful. We are in a drought and having water restrictions. I have some drought resistant plants outside however I wanted to get grass down since I just bought my little home but the yard is still dirt and rock. Maybe next year will be better! Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Happy PPF, Rasz

  19. What a lovely post! Art and gardening! We're in the depth of winter here so I'm eyeing your veggie garden with envy. And your dedication...I find the growing fun, but I have yet to manage the preserving side of things.

    Thanks for such a lovely post.

    Best wishes,

  20. Great post..... all beautiful!!!!
    Much love for you