Friday, March 24, 2017

Paint Party Friday

Here we are at Friday again and I'm still trying to figure out what happened to Monday :(  Another one of those weeks that just totally got away from me and disappeared. 
I did manage to get the painting finish though...barely :) 
Last week I had gotten this far ...
... and had done a sketch on a separate sheet of paper with an idea of what I wanted to do...

This is what I ended up doing.

The lighting in here is making it hard to get a goof photo of the details or maybe I need to go over them and make them darker.
The gardens are waking up and recovering from the deep freeze of last week. 
I have new Daffodils and Tulips blooming and other plants pocking their little heads out of the ground. 

So that's what is happening in my world this week. 
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Friday, March 17, 2017

Paint Party Friday

It's been an insanely crazy week here  and one that I am so thankful is almost over. 
Major health issues with a couple of family members that will be ongoing for a while but hopefully past the critical stage. 
Art wise this is what I am working on this week. Thought it would be done but didn't happen that way.
This was the beginning...
..and then we just kept going...

...ending up at this point.
I've worked on a sketch for the   figure in the painting....
...and I'm pretty sure this is what she'll look like. Perhaps a few tweets here and there. 
I'm hoping to squeeze in enough art time this weekend to get her finished. It's not looking good at this point. 
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Paint Party Friday

It's Friday and time to gather with the folks over at Paint Party Friday :) Where Eva and Kristin do a fantastic job of hosting the event every week !!! 
I really haven't worked on much art this week again. I did finish one page in my  Faces Journal...
I do want to continue working on faces every week and try to squeeze in at least one other type of art too. Or maybe just more than one face. This week I've been staring at a blank canvas and nothing is happening. 
Could be that I'm greatly distracted my the Spring Like weather  that we've been having :) 
I mean who can ignore beautiful Spring flowers blooming in early March? 

The whites and yellows and then the purples and pinks...

But enough about Spring and Flowers... this is suppose to be about art. So I'll go back and stare at that blank canvas again. 
In the meantime here are a few 
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Friday, March 3, 2017

Paint Party Friday

Time is slipping by faster and faster it seems. My list of things to get done in a week just grows and grows and the list of finished projects is smaller and smaller.
Time is not my friend it seems.
I did get a few things done this week. 
A new painting from my class with 
"A Life Full of Color"  
This one is right at the top of my list of all time paintings I've done. 
When I watched the class video the first time I knew exactly what drawing I was going to use. I had originally drawn her in 2015 for the 29 faces challenge and knew I would paint her someday. 
There are minor changes but then you really never can redraw the same thing twice and have them be exactly the same. I did start off giving her bangs in the painting but it just wasn't looking right so I took them back out. 
I also did or should say finished a spread in one of my journals....

I decided she needed a playmate since I had managed to skip a page in the journal when I painted her. 
Other than a couple of backgrounds that is all of the art for this week. I spent the rest of the time outside enjoying the Spring like weather and doing clean up jobs around the place. The last two days winter has returned with cold freezes both nights so a lot of the trees that thought winter was over has had their blooms frosted.  May not be a good year for fruit here. :( 

The daffodils are happy though... it takes more than a couple of freezes to do them in..

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