Thursday, January 26, 2017


It's amazing how quickly the week as slipped by for me. It's been a good week and a productive week. With lots of art started and finished. 
Earlier in the week I shared some of it on my other blog.
One of the pieces I did was a characterization of Trump and started listing negative descriptions of him on the background. 

He was not my choice for President. 

After finishing it and posting it  I realized that I had used the wrong journal for it and it had ended up in my 
"Colour Me Positive" 
journal and that did not make me happy. The more I thought about it the more the whole thing made me unhappy. My art is my sacred place and I didn't feel good about having that negative piece in any journal but especially that one. 
So today I painted over it .... Doing another 
Rainbow Warrior Dream Catcher 
over it. 
Before I painted over it I wrote positive messages all over the page with a black marker. 
Kindness Matters
Peace to ALL 
these were just a few of the things I wrote. 
Little messages to our President on how  I feel things really need to be.  
Then I painted over all of that with wild colors and lines. 
Paint so thick it took forever to dry :) 
...but OH MY!!! the lovely textures!♥♥♥
After looking at it on this page I decided to add a bit more details to make the feathers "POP" ♥
So now it's done... I've done three different  Rainbow Warrior DreamCatchers this week and I love the whole process. I see many more coming in the future.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Paint Party Friday

Trying to get a short post in here. One of my cats laid on the keyboard today and now it doesn't want to work right at all :( So this is getting a bit frustrating. Guess I'll be shopping for a new one tomorrow. 
This weeks art is anther one from the 
Mindy Lacefield class
"Let the Paint Speak:language of the Soul"

Once again lots of layers and marks getting to the finished piece. 
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Friday, January 13, 2017


and the sliding is a real thing around here today. We are in an ice storm that has crippled  a great portion of the Midwest and it's only the first day of a 3 day storm. 
It's scary out there!
I was in the process of getting ready to go to work and just decided it wasn't worth it... good call because 45 min. later we were covered with a thin layer of ice. Thin is all it takes! 
So I've finished with the last of the storm preparations.... made a big pot of beef stew and a pan of quick bread. Now I can set back and do fun things while we wait out the storm and just pray that the power stays on. 

This weeks art is another painting inspired by the Mindy Lacefield  class I'm taking. 
This time I started with an old canvas 
from way back when.... 
... and started slapping layers of paint and marks on it. 
Forgot to take photos of that stage :-( 
Then drew in  the figures I wanted to do. ...
... more background paint and started on the figures...
.... then decided to go a different route with her hair...
.... not liking it all that much....
.... back to more hair again.... but not liking the drippy background...
....liking it more.... adding some details ...
...and still more...
.... and now I'm calling her done.  I think... I'll put her on the wall in the studio and see what happens with her. I'm still battling with staying loose. But it more loose than my normal so it's an improvement. :-) 
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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Paint Party Friday

Happy Belated New Year to you all out there. I decided to take the month of December off  with art and posting about it. I just had so much going on with the holidays and fighting off a sinus condition that somethings just had to be put on hold. 
So now that the holidays have come and gone and my health is back under control for the time being anyhow. I have started working on art again. 
My husband bought me an online class with 
Mindy Lacefield. 
"Letting the Paint Speak "
So I have started working on that this week. 
It's out of my comfort zone but I am loving it  and letting loss a bit more than normal for me. 
First day was just throwing paint on the paper and letting it move. 

Then blending it out with a calming color...
....Next was adding a few of the details ...

...and then building on them..

...more details and more background colors and marks....

So this is where it's at tonight... will be working on the faces more next and blending in some calm spaces too. Who knows where they will end up but I'm totally enjoying the effort. 
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I shared the second one on my other blog earlier this week but thought the message was worth repeating. 
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