Friday, October 25, 2013

Paint Party Friday

It's Friday!!!!
Not a lot of art going on this week here. Just can't seem to stay in the flow of things :( Don't know if it's Mercury Retrograde fall out  or just too much other stuff going on in my life. What ever the cause I have stared at the background on this for several days before anything appeared to me.

Now I have to leave town for a couple of days for a funeral so it won't get finished until I return. 
So here they are at their present state ...just waiting ....

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Paint Party Friday

Friday, October 18, 2013

Paint Party Friday

It's FRIDAY!!!!!
Can you believe I almost forgot ? Working retail sometimes make you mix your days up ... a lot actually . Any how here is todays painting... another page in my journal . 

She was lots of fun :) 
Not much time for words tonight...must carry myself off to bed so I can go to work early in the morning ...
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Paint Party Friday and Painting with Cataracts

Paint Party Friday !
It's that time of week again :) Happy Time ...when we get to share  fun art and see all kinds of magical eye candy ♥
With these annoying cataracts it is getting harder to do small detailed pieces like smaller faces on journal pages... so I went to the old beading supplies and drug out the super magnifier :) It worked well for this piece. ... kind of really weird to get used to .. but it worked .

The colors don't show up well in these photos...just used my cell phone cause I'm too lazy to go find the camera and get it all set up. The cell phone is old and needs replaced so the camera doesn't work as well as it used too.  
That's another whole ball of wax to deal with...what phone do I want to get this time around ? They cost so much money but I want to get one I'm happy with too and a good camera is a must for me ! 
Gotta make up my mind soon cause this old one is driving me nuttier :) 
Also worked on a fun doodle page in my journal this week while watching TV. Still have low energy levels so spending lots of time on the couch... 
Used my watercolor pencils on this one .

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Paint Party Friday

It's Friday already and thanks to the many sketches I did for 29 Faces in September I actually have a new painting ready :) 
She started off here...

At this point I was wishing I had taken the time to do a background first ...but pushing out 29 faces in one month for me was a challenge in time management for sure...not a lot of time left for creative thought :) 
So out came the the spray inks :) 

Loving the rainbow colors here and then I added My favorite flowers to fill in the pages. Was going to add a quote but decided against it as the painting developed.

And here she is
The Rainbow Sunflower Girl

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