Monday, February 29, 2016

"T" Stands for Tuesday & 29 Faces in February

Hello my Tuesday friends!!! 
It's the last day of February and a special day at that. :0) 
It's the odd extra day of the month that happens every two years and it's the end of 29 Faces in February . 
I've been super busy this past week getting all of my faces done for the month and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. I've cleaned a couple of flower beds and have started getting my winter sown pots ready to put out. I am worried that they may do as well this year because it has been so warm. Only time will tell. 
Starting next week I have a friends 15 year old son coming over to help with the heavy stuff that needs to be done outside. I'm really excited to have his help and to be able to give him a little bit of extra spending money. 
Now to the art.... 
Day 23
I used a challenge word from another group I belong to as inspiration for this one . The word was fear and she looked scared in the pencil sketch but not as much in the painting but I like her anyhow. 
Day 24 
He was inspired by  a fantasy book I'm reading that has lots of wizards, elves, goblins and all of the others that usually inhabit a fantasy book. I haven't read one for years and I'm really enjoying this one. 
Day 25 
I decided I needed to do a Buddha as we had received some unpleasant health news about my  husband and needed a calming experience. 
Day 26 
An Elf Wizard bet ya know where this one came from :0) 
Day 27 
Another Elf... a older elf of 3000 years who's starting to show her age a bit. She also has magical healing powers. 
Day 28 
A Butterfly Princess....because I have summer and butterflies of the brain this month ♥
Day 29 
A self portrait. Which was also a challenge from another group. My husband likes it so maybe I'll try to paint it too. I used this photo as a reference.
Taken at my daughters back in January. 
So now the 29 Faces is over...but I will be painting some of the sketches over the summer. I've already started on the Butterfly Princess.
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Monday, February 22, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday & 29 Faces in February

Hello again Tuesday friends!
Things here are still all about faces  :)
Here are face #19 and #20 I know I've shown #19 already but I reworked it a bit :) The cuo is my drink for today and of course it's COFFEE!

Here's a better look at #20 since it's new. Hoping to be able to paint it someday soon as it is such a fun piece.
Face #22 is a "Warrior Princess" 
This one I had lots of fun doing :) 
She's made with collage papers, acrylics and gel pens. 
Showing 2 different photos with different lighting. 

Day #22 is another pencil sketch that I want to start painting but know I'll be up too late if I start now :) 
So I have finally gotten caught up but will be sure to fall behind before the week is over :) 
 We enjoyed wonderful summer weather on Friday and Saturday and then colder on Sunday and tomorrow they are talking snow again. GRRRRR...! 
I will survive this crazy winter . 
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Friday, February 19, 2016

29 Faces in February and Paint Party Friday

It's Friday!!! 
This has been one long week for me. I'm working more hours than I'm used to and the weather changes has not set well with my body. So my brain is lost somewhere out there in Fybro Fog land. 
I had to rely on another of Tam's  at Willowing Arts video's to get me going. 
So here's the spread inspired by one of YouTube video's 
#15 of 29 Faces 

Then I tried another sketch..It's supposed to be General George Custer. My husband is a big fan and has been bugging me to do a portrait. I'm hoping it looks better when I start painting it.  
Face #16 

Then there was the total bomb when I tried to do two on one page. I obviously need to work on open mouths and hands :) So here are 
#17 and #18 

 At this point I gave up on faces and decided to work on a journal page for Colour Me Positive....which I am behind in too :) 
This is the page for week #3 and I should be working on # 7 oops 
  I have become totally addicted to this coffee which I first got as a Christmas gift. I went to their website and after reading the story behind the coffee farm I was even more in love with it. They have other flavors too but I haven't tried them YET. I just keep buying this flavor. :) 
So that's it for me this week :) I have one more day of work and then 2 days off and I think I will sleep a lot those days. 
It's been super warm here this week... 70° today but super strong winds. 
The GoldFinch are starting to get their brighter yellow so maybe Spring is going to be early this year. 

I know the first photo is fuzzy but he's the brightest one so far so I wanted to show him. 
Just last week they were all still looking like this...
A little bit of warm sunshine makes a big difference :) 
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Monday, February 15, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday- Art Journal Journey & 29 Faces in February

Happy Tuesday!
It's hard to believe that another week has skipped by us  :( 
I fell behind  again on the 29 Faces Challenge.. just don't feeling up to it for a couple of days but I'm back at it again. 
So here's my face # 13 which is also a journal spread for AJJ.
When ever I am having trouble staying motivated with my art I go to one of my favorite on line artist and and watch one of their instructional videos.  
This one is inspired by Tam @ Willowing Arts 
It's a part of a free series she offers  here.
Since so many people are doing scribble art faces this time around I thought I would try on too. 
 Face # 13
Here is the start of face # 14 along with my drink of choice today... when ever I'm not feeling up to snuff I always drink Ginger Ale. 
She may stay as she is for now because I'm really wanting to do another journal spread we'll see :) 
It was really cold and windy here the past few days with more snow and then ice and more snow. Even the animals were staying close together...
I was all wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blankie on the couch :)  It's warming up this week and already most of the snow has melted. 
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Friday, February 12, 2016

Paint Party Friday & 29 Faces in February 2016

Another week has flown by and it's 
Paint Party Friday 
time again. :) 
I'm still keeping up with the 29 faces also so this what happened this week.
Day 5
 Day 6
 Day 7 
Day 8 
 Day 9
 Day 10 
Day 11

I wish I had done Day 10 on a canvas as it's my grandson and I would love to paint it and give it to my daughter. I'm afraid if I try again it won't come out as well. But I will try :) That is what this challenge is all about . 

It's still cold here with winds that make it feel all the colder.  The birds are eating heavily every day again.
The Northern Cardinal population is growing by leaps and bounds ! I think they are coming from anywhere and everywhere. You can't see them in this picture but they are on the deck floor and in the background trees waiting for a turn at the feeders. 
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Paint Party Friday
Thank you so much Eva & Kristin!
29 Faces in February 2016
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Friday, February 5, 2016

Paint Party Friday & Art Journal Journey

It's Friday!
Finally getting back into the swing of things again and being creative.
February is always a kick start month for my art for the year. I'm once again doing 
This is the 4th year of this challenge and there are some amazing artist over there :) 
I've managed to keep up this year but have only painted one face and that is the one I will share today. 
As usual I forgot the starting photo of just the sketch .
This is my youngest granddaughter who just happens to have a birthday this month.

The inspiration photo is from this... a day when she and her sister were playing dress up in period costumes ,

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