Friday, April 11, 2014

Paint Party Friday

Friday Again!
Time is zipping by without me even realizing it. I totally missed last weeks party....I was playing outside in the garden and zoned right out :) 
Now a lot of art going on here  a few pages in my garden journal and some doodling.
 I've planted  a rather large selection of seeds already this year. Some started indoors and some direct planted outdoors. I can barely wait to see all of the color :) 

I have an addiction to Sunflowers and Dandelions. I'm probably the only person in my subdivision that saves and actually  plants dandelion seeds. 

I've also found a new crochet pattern that I am totally addicted to. It's a ruffled scarf pattern using a a single strand of yarn and not one of the newer yarns that are made to ruffle. Most of these scarves will be donated to charity. 

Only one doodle this week since I've been mostly crocheting on my lunch hours.

Today's thoughts....

As always don't forget to click on the Paint Party Friday link in my sidebar.... lots and lots of majorly cool artist there who share amazing work every week :) ♥