Friday, January 31, 2014

Paint Party Friday

It's here again!!!
Paint Party Friday!!!!!!
It's been another frigid and windy week here so it was easy to stay inside and play in my art room most of the week. 
I did a random drawing/painting in my journal while I watched the Grammy's on Sunday.

 Her face and shoulders are done in colored pencils and the hair and background are painted then glazed and then little swirls drawn with a white gel pen. Have I  mentioned before that I love my white Gel Pens ♥ 
On Monday I worked on a page for my Life Book 2014 class...
Then the rest of the week I worked off and on some doodles......
of which I could only find one of so the others must be  in my locker at work. 
The eyes are still wonky and I see the doctor on Monday keep your fingers crossed that the inflammation is gone and they can do the surgery on the cataracts . I'm becoming a tad bit irritable with this poor vision :(
Today's thoughts....

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grow Your Blog 2014

Hi I'm Carol and this year I'm participating in the "Grow Your Blog" event. 
This is my art blog .... where I share what I'm working on in my ongoing struggle to improve my artistic skills. 
I've always been a creative person and have a deep rooted need to be actively creating something. When I ignore this need for very long I become a very unhappy and unsettled person. 
My interest vary from year to year and you just never know what medium I'm going to try out next. 
I don't have any formal art training at all but have recently started signing up for  art classes on line and even a few local classes.  I love the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people. Currently I am signed up for the LifeBook 2014 classes and have loved what we've done so far..... 
 I also love to "Doodle" 
... and to sketch....

....and just play with paint...

So thanks for checking out my blog and maybe we'll become cyber friends this year :) 

Don't forget to check out the other great bloggers in this event ...

Friday, January 24, 2014

Paint Party Friday

Paint Party Friday 
A rather short post this week .... eyes are still wonky and can't spend much time on the computer these days :(  This will pass soon and the eyes will be better than ever :)
This week I worked on another LifeBook assignment given by 
Carla  Sonheim . I just may be doing more of her lessons for a bit since I really don't have to concentrate on details and they are just so much darn fun !!!   
First are a few more imaginary animals only this time I used printed pictures of tint blobs from work. Tint Blobs are the patterns made by tint when it's added to paint bases for coloring. Sometimes some of the most interesting images form and I'm always taking pictures of them. These are some of the more simple images that I used to create my new friends... 

These have all been done on index size cards so the next project was to make a folder to hold them in my LifeBook .....

These were so much fun to make :) 
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Paint Party Friday and Journal 52

Hello again Friends :) 
Joining again with all of the creative souls in these two groups. You all inspire me to be so much more creative than I ever thought I could be. 
This week felt like a low energy week... more like a go slowly and savor the process type week really. 
Here's what I got done....
First for Journal52
 the prompt was up, up, and away..
the painting was inspired by a photo my daughter took on a recent trip to Kenya and the bird is flying over the Rift Valley. My dream is to someday make that trip with her. 
The next is a collection of 3 small Imaginary Animals created from paint blobs. A fun assignment from Life Book Lesson with  Carla  Sonheim. I love her whimsical approach to art and look forward to finishing the rest of her assignments. 
I'm taking things a little slower right now so that I'm not spending as much time at the computer ...trying to give my eyes the chance to heal. It's amazing how difficult it is to stay away.... can you say addicted? 
Random thoughts for this week 

So that's it for this week .... 
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Paint Party Friday

What a week Here! 
The Polar Vortex hit us hard and we spent 3 days stuck inside while the wind blew, the snow fell and the temperatures plummeted. Thank God our furnace  kept up and we were all toasty warm inside. 
We watched a lot of TV , I crocheted a bunch, I cooked way too much and some art was done :) 
I'm doing LifeBook 2014 this year :) ! 

My wonderful hubby bought it for me for Christmas. The man loves me ♥
So after figuring out how to download and  save the videos to an external source ( the the quickest on techy stuff here) I started the classes. First there was a warm up and I got this amazing background page done....

There was more to this lesson but I was too anxious to get to the "REAL" lesson :) so i skipped ahead. 
This was my first painting. My Art Guardian...which is the Falcon and not the girl but I just had to do the girl too :) 
You'll notice my word for the year is there too to help guide me through the year and the class. 
I'm also doing another class with  Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal  "Rainbow Ghost Girls"
so here are a couple of sketches here from that class....

...most of the work from that class is being done in one of my art journals .
Then here are some of the other things I worked on while being stuck inside for most of the week  

Can't show the crochet work because it is a gift and don't want someone to see it yet :) 
So I've kept myself busy and kind of out of trouble this week. 
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Friday, January 3, 2014

Paint Party Friday

Baby it's COLD Outside!!!!!
Burrr.... as we dig out from our first snowstorm of the year the temps have plummeted!  It was -2˚this morning...way too cold for this gal to be out and about for sure.  Thankfully I am off again today so I don't have to go out if I don't want to..... but those gift cards in my wallet are calling my name . 
Yesterday was a total all about me day :)  Dreaming of this years garden as I flipped through seed catalogs and garden sites on the web. A little bit of summery art ♥ ..took a ton of pictures of birds at the feeders on the back deck and then played in the kitchen creating herbal  concoctions and making bone broth. 
So here is the art from yesterday...

Poppies Blowing in the Wind
And here is one of the birds shots I took

And I think I have finally come up with my Word for 2014


I have  a lot to work on in that area both emotionally and in the physical (hoarding tendencies abound). 

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