Friday, January 3, 2014

Paint Party Friday

Baby it's COLD Outside!!!!!
Burrr.... as we dig out from our first snowstorm of the year the temps have plummeted!  It was -2˚this morning...way too cold for this gal to be out and about for sure.  Thankfully I am off again today so I don't have to go out if I don't want to..... but those gift cards in my wallet are calling my name . 
Yesterday was a total all about me day :)  Dreaming of this years garden as I flipped through seed catalogs and garden sites on the web. A little bit of summery art ♥ ..took a ton of pictures of birds at the feeders on the back deck and then played in the kitchen creating herbal  concoctions and making bone broth. 
So here is the art from yesterday...

Poppies Blowing in the Wind
And here is one of the birds shots I took

And I think I have finally come up with my Word for 2014


I have  a lot to work on in that area both emotionally and in the physical (hoarding tendencies abound). 

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Paint Party Friday

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  1. Cheerful paintings! What a great bird photo! Love the light on his face :)

  2. Love your poppies, and you have chosen a good word! Valerie

  3. I simply ADORE your poppies-my very favorite flower! Nice bird shot too. Our weather has been the same as yours-we ended up with 7 1/2" of snow last night along with frigid temps and wind. I saw a robin in our tree just before the snow started but I couldn't get my camera ready before it left-no one would believe me-they're supposed to be away until Spring-is he telling me something??? Happy PPF and happy 2014!

  4. looks great happy new year,,we have just booked our holiday cottage for the summer too..dreaming of warmer weather

  5. Wonderful word!! Just perfect! Love the photo and poppies! You should attempt to paint that's gorgeous!! Our temperature plummeted today we're at 0 Celsius right now! No snow, though they salted the roads. Wishing you creative abundance this year!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I love your poppies and the background colours. 'Release' is a great word for 2014 One that would suit me too! I am in Brisbane, we are having our summer. It's been too hot to be out and about today at 44 C so everyone stays in with the air conditioning on!!

  7. Those poppies are so cheery this morning Carol! It's going to get colder.. brrrr. Good thing your little goldfinch has you feeding him. "Release" is a great word, it would do me good to use that for a guide word this year! I am glad you had a couple of blissful days at home.. :) Stay warm, stay safe!

  8. Love the poppies. Also a very good word for the year.
    Have a very nice Sunday

  9. Love your artwork and photos! Stay warm!