Monday, June 29, 2015

"T" Stand for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday friends :) 
I may start rambling during this post as it's late and I'm very tired. Just shake me and wake me up :) 
I worked this afternoon and then after super tonight I went out and dug my garlic. It really needed dug up but it's been too wet out. It was still a bit too wet but the rains are suppose to come back tomorrow and stay through the week end so tonight it was. 

I didn't plant as much garlic as usual last fall because of my back and I was afraid I wouldn't have enough to last ...but the heads are so big this year that as long as they keep I should be just fine on garlic. Tomorrow I'll spread them out on a drying rack in the shed so they'll cure and be ready to braid and hang in the basement.
I should have ripe tomatoes by the end of the week :) BLT's time :) 
I'm impressed that things have done so well with all of this rain. It's a good think that I have a lot of raised beds and the straw bales. 
 On the back on the right is one group of tomatoes ..the two empty rows in front of them are the late crop of green beans that are just poking up out of the ground. 
 ... the empty row on the left is one I am preparing for a later broccoli planting with corn just to the right of it. This is the red super sweet corn that doesn't get real tall and the ears are shorter. It's my husbands favorite. 
 These are the winter squash that are starting to go nuts and grow everywhere.
The blackberries turning red and swelling  :) Yummy berries will be following. 
The Rose of Sharon is blooming like crazy and smells so good. It also needs a good pruning to shape it back up. 

 The day lilies are all starting to bloom now and brighten things up :) 
My brain has given out on me now so I'll share 
Today's Random Thoughts
and head to bed :) 

Told you I was tired last night... here's my drink...another herbal tea brewed with fresh herbs right out of the garden .

Friday, June 26, 2015

Paint Party Friday & Summer of Color 5 week 3 & Art Journal Journey

It's Friday and it's 
Party TIME! 
Big CONGRATS to Consie and her amazing Inspirational Cards Deck. 
It's been a rather laid back and low energy week here. Taking the time to recoup some energy and play with some art supplies. 
I actually managed to finish two things this week.

While going through things in my art room I ran across the original pencil drawing I did in 2013 and decided to give it a shot using the under-painting method and lots of glazes.   . 
Her she is with the first under-painting layer...
.... then I got so involved in the layers I forgot to take more photos :) 
I don't like her mouth or the hair but she's not too bad for a practice piece. 
The other  painting I did was for Summer of Color 5 and the colors this week are 2 purples and a yellow. 
So I painted my favorite Poppy ...
We had a couple of days of sun and then more rain ... we got 4 inches of rain last night alone. Some really bad storms with it too. 
My Bee Balm took a beating :( 

Some of it can be propped back up but a lot of it has bent stems and those will have to be harvested and dried. So I'll have lots of Bee Balm for tea this winter :) 
The rest of the garden is fine...just very, very wet. We're suppose to have sun tomorrow and then another week of rain....:'( 
Lots of Day Lilies blooming but somehow I can only fin one photo ....
 ...and the butterflies are starting to show up ...
..getting their picture is not often easy. I thought at first this was a Monarch but then realized it's a Viceroy...which looks very much like a Monarch.  Still haven't spotted my first Monarch yet. 
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Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer of Color 5 and Paint Party Friday

What a busy week it's been here too. The Granddaughters came to visit and we had a great time in spite of the rain. 
We did some art and a lot of different things. I was having so much fun with the art that I forgot to take pictures while and after :( 
I did get my SOC  piece done though and here it is...
....we got out the gelli plate and made a whole bunch of cool prints. This one I glued to a journal page and yes there is only two pinks and an orange there. It just didn't scan well. They used some of their prints to make their dad awesome Father's Day cards. 
I worked on one of my wood blocks....
....and then we tie dyed :) ...

We walked in the rain and checked out the gardens and the creek. Which was too high and moving too fast to play in this time :( 
We mixed herbal teas and filled tea bags for them and for Grandma.
...and we drummed....
 ...she got super excited when she was told she got to keep one of the drums for herself... :) 
....and now all is quiet again in the house since the went home and grandma get to start emptying out the master bath as demolition and remodel starts on Monday. YES!!!!!
So it will be a busy weekend too. I also still have to switch out the spare room and the craft room so the youngest can move back in while looking for a new house. 
Always something going on here. 
Random Thought's for today...

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer of Color 5

Week One 
For the challenge this week I choose 
Phthalo Blue ,Light Blue , & Phthalo Green.
I smeared the colors on my journal page and drew the dragon fly in ink. 

Top picture is scanned and the second is with a camera. 
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Friday, June 12, 2015

Paint Party Friday

The end of an absolutely crazy busy week here. So very little art time but did get the Funky Chicken done... I think :) 
Here is where it was last week...
 ..then it went to here....
...and now this is where it is....

I may or may not add to it. 
I was out of town most of the week. A trip to my daughters house and then a flying trip with her and my grandson to Kentucky Lake to visit with my ailing uncle and my parents. 
We had to cut that visit short as my daughters dog woke up ill on Wed. and was dropped up at the vets for observation... the vet called just a couple hours after our arrival at my uncles and said it was critical and that some serious decisions had to be made. We drove right back just in time as the test results came back and the poor dog had multiple cancer tumors in and around her spleen and liver and she was bleeding internally. They said that the survival   chances were extremely low and she would be in a lot of pain. So they chose to put her down. She was 11 years old and had had an extremely healthy and good life up til then. Everyone was devastated of course. 
 She was my daughters best buddy....
 ...a extremely happy dog who loved to hike...
 ...and run in the woods. 
This was here just as we dropped her off at the vet. You can tell she was in pain . 
She was the best and will be greatly missed by all. 
The garden is going crazy and I'll share those photos later.... 
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