Monday, June 29, 2015

"T" Stand for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday friends :) 
I may start rambling during this post as it's late and I'm very tired. Just shake me and wake me up :) 
I worked this afternoon and then after super tonight I went out and dug my garlic. It really needed dug up but it's been too wet out. It was still a bit too wet but the rains are suppose to come back tomorrow and stay through the week end so tonight it was. 

I didn't plant as much garlic as usual last fall because of my back and I was afraid I wouldn't have enough to last ...but the heads are so big this year that as long as they keep I should be just fine on garlic. Tomorrow I'll spread them out on a drying rack in the shed so they'll cure and be ready to braid and hang in the basement.
I should have ripe tomatoes by the end of the week :) BLT's time :) 
I'm impressed that things have done so well with all of this rain. It's a good think that I have a lot of raised beds and the straw bales. 
 On the back on the right is one group of tomatoes ..the two empty rows in front of them are the late crop of green beans that are just poking up out of the ground. 
 ... the empty row on the left is one I am preparing for a later broccoli planting with corn just to the right of it. This is the red super sweet corn that doesn't get real tall and the ears are shorter. It's my husbands favorite. 
 These are the winter squash that are starting to go nuts and grow everywhere.
The blackberries turning red and swelling  :) Yummy berries will be following. 
The Rose of Sharon is blooming like crazy and smells so good. It also needs a good pruning to shape it back up. 

 The day lilies are all starting to bloom now and brighten things up :) 
My brain has given out on me now so I'll share 
Today's Random Thoughts
and head to bed :) 

Told you I was tired last night... here's my drink...another herbal tea brewed with fresh herbs right out of the garden .


  1. Awesome Carol. How wonderful it is having a garden. We can't be withou a garden. It's a part of our lives. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  2. Your garden is fantastic Carol, what a lot of hard work and imagination you put into it. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Your garden puts mine to SHAME. Truly. With so much rain, some of my seeds got splashed out of the pots there planted in and now all I have are weeds growing in them. My day lilies are starting. I saw one today, and more are surely on the way. Your blackberries look better than mine. My flowers are starting to die and the green and pale pink berries are few and very, very far between. However, my cosmos are beginning to arrive.

    Thanks for sharing your bounty with us for T this Tuesday. I've never planted garlic, so that truly impressed me. Those were really big bulbs, too. All that rain has really helped your growing season, that's for sure.

  4. What an amazing garden Carol! Super!
    Happy T-Day!

  5. That should read "pots they are planted in," not "pots there planted in." DUH. Talk about LATE!!

  6. What a wonderful garden - those lilies are magnificent! Happy T-Day!

  7. Oh wow! Your garden is fantastic! I planted a clove of garlic straight from the kitchen this year since it was sprouting. We'll see if anything comes of it.
    Happy T day!!!

  8. Beautiful looking garlic...I really have to try this some time! Probably too late up here though. Although I like to have a garden I have no where to start things indoors, and the growing season here never seems long enough. By the time tomatoes grow large enough to start ripening, we can have a frost and lose everything. Frustrating!

  9. gorgeous garden carol! we've been getting lots of rain but the only really good crops in our neighbors garden so far (we share) is kale, lettuce and raspberries. There is nothing like fresh garden produce so I am anxiously waiting for some zucchini, peppers, green beans and tomatoes too:) Hope you had a good night's sleep. Happy T day!

  10. I love your garden pictures. My available space is so small that I depend on other people's photos to enjoy bigger garden spaces. Thx! I have so few daylilies that they are already done, but I think they are such happy flowers.

  11. I love seeing your photos Carol... The daylilies have a special place in my heart...unfortunately the deer love them almost as much as i do... sigh... Happy Tday ! deb

  12. Oh yummy yum on all of your fresh homegrown produce.
    There is nothing like a vine ripened tomato and those berries oh my!
    Gardening sure does take a strong back. I had to dial back a couple of years ago and I miss spending the day in the garden...happy I got to do it for awhile anyway.
    Next year we hope to make a place for some tomatoes.
    Hope the deer won't be nibbling them they sure are enjoying our hostas!
    Happy T Day dear Carol oxo

  13. Lovely garden. It is doing so well despite all the rain, too.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  14. You have a beautiful and productive garden. Happy T day🍀

  15. Love orange lilies! Your gardens look good... BLTs! We were out your way on our way to Chesterfield yesterday. It is pouring here now!
    Good Morning!

  16. What a wonderful garden, so full of yummy things.....I am so jealous!!

    Ya, the girls keep my on my toes all day, but when they leave I'm flat on my butt....LOL

    Thanks for the comment this week.

  17. Your garden looks amazing - I do miss growing my own veggies! We are off to our caravan (sorry, mobile home ) this weekend so looking forward to seeing my flowering shrubs! A very belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  18. Your garden looks so lush and full. Your tomatoes are way ahead of ours. Here by the Bay we don't really have the best tomato growing weather, too much marine layer/fog. DH does his best though and even if the crop is small we enjoy them.