Friday, October 19, 2012

Paint Party Friday

Ah yes and fun filled PPF! 
Things have been good here this week and catching up things from when I was sick. So today's painting is another "2fer" .
The first one is one I started for the first

"Fall Fearless and Fly" 
Challenge. Which is now a week late :o( 

The second is more on the WIP  from 2 weeks ago. Still not so happy where it's at but we have a ways to go before it's finished so hopefully it will come out ok in the wash. 
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Paint Party Friday

Slipping in at the last minute again here :0) You can always count on me being late. 
Haven't done much painting again this week...started off great and then came down with a nasty bug and didn't get it finished. So here is my WIP on the second intuitive painting. 
When i showed the start last week I thought I was seeing a persons face....and then when I went to start painting on Monday this Eagle was literally screaming at me so I made him visible. 

Not sure exactly I'm going with the rest of it...guess I'll figure that out when my head clears up. 
I did add one more little touch to last weeks painting and now she really is done.
I went into the woods foraging for nature "stuff" to use and came across these seed pods. When we were kids we called them "Silver Dollar" plants and collected them like they were real cash. I used one of them to make her wings... I sprayed it with yellow ink  and then cut it in half and gave her  semi-transparent wings. I love her now. 
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Paint Party Friday

After being in a "Creative Funk" for a few weeks now I thought I would give the intuitive painting another shot to see if it would wake me up. 
I open three cheep canvas boards...don't want to waste anything good in case it didn't work :0) 
I starting layering paint  and inks and then sat back and waited.... and waited... and waited. 

Ahhhh! Finally I started seeing shapes so I outlined them with a pastel pencil. 
I decided to work on the first one where I saw a prominent face. 
Once I had the face painted in I started seeing the neck and shoulders and the hair. 
Here's the final product..which makes me wish I had use a decent canvas..oh well at least I finished a painting . Finally!!

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