Friday, April 28, 2017

Paint Party Friday

What a crazy week here! 
Lots of crazy weather and rain and then more rain. 
Two huge branches broke off our big Maple tree and nearly wiped out my tuck . 

Luckily there was no damage !!!!
The Monarch Butterflies have visited and my tiny little milkweed plants are being devoured by the hungry critters. 
I have 34 caterpillars inside and there are over a hundred outside. The most every in my butterfly garden. 
So between yard clean up after the storms and feeding caterpillars there has not been a lot of art. 
I have one painting that is nearly complete  .
Don't know when she will get done as this next week will be filled with deep cleaning as I have family coming to visit next weekend. 
The house has been grossly neglected the past few months with my back issues so lots to done for the visit. 
Thanks again to Eva and Kristin for keeping us together all of these years!!!!! 
It's much appreciated. 
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Friday, April 21, 2017

Paint Party Friday

Time has totally gotten away from me this week 😓 I am behind in everything. 
I did finish the painting from last week by only adding a heavier white line around the figures so they stand out more from the background. 
Which was just in time for the Monarchs to make an appearance in the yard.

She laid hundreds of eggs on the tiny little milkweed  plants in my gardens. 
Now we have lots of tiny little monarch caterpillars eating away at the leaves. 

I have never had this many before and never in the spring only in late summer and early fall. I have only 5 inside right now as the milkweed plants aren't big enough to strip too many leaves from. Luckily they are growing fast. 
I have started a new painting's only in the sketch stage so far. 
 Wish I had done a background first... but it will work out. 
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I ordered myself a new tee shirt this week and can't wait for it to get here.
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Friday, April 14, 2017

Paint Party Friday

Greetings ! 
Not a lot of art happening around here these days. It's Spring Garden time and that's where I've been the past couple of weeks. 
I have been working on a canvas... just little bits of time here and there . Eventually it will be finished but as close as it is it will still probably take me a week or more. 
It started like this ..
... then we starting going places with it.... this far and it sat for days.....
Then I finally got inspired and went this direction with it....
Was feeling like the images are lost in the background so I tried outlining them in white....
They do show up better but still feel it needs something else... the border needs something maybe. Thinking on it but this is where it's at today. 
But the gardens are calling so I'm thinking there won't be much painting done today. 
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