Friday, October 31, 2014

Paint Party Friday

It's Friday and it's Halloween
No costumes or candy here :( no little ones in the neighborhood any more and the grand-kids all live too far away . So it's just us and the animals and a whole bunch of scary movies on TV. 
Just a couple of little altered playing cards this week. 

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Paint Party Friday and One Hundred Mandalas

Friday has come and gone and I'm late posting once again. I did have the art done... I just got involved with cleaning out my shed that I wore myself out completely. No energy or enough brain power to write a post last night. The shed however looks great :)
Not much art at all this week. Just too busy getting things cleaned up outside and ready for winter. The weather has been beautiful and it's been nice to finally be able to actually do some work with out it hurting my back too much. Perhaps the injections are going to work well. 
The art is two Mandalas done in my journal. Using watercolors, watercolor pencils and Micron pens.
I have started on a small wooden case for the Inspirational Quote Card Deck that I completed last week.  Have only gotten the Gesso and some background stuff done sp nothing to really photograph this week. 
I am finally down to ONE bucket of apples left to do!!!! Almost ready for the HAPPY DANCE.  This week I made 6 quart jars of applesauce , 6 pints of apple pie filling  and several jars of Apple Butter :) and some pineapple, pear & apple marmalade.
The marmalade was an experiment that turned out pretty well. Taste good on English muffins and makes a great sauce on baked chicken breast ♥♥♥♥ 

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Monday, October 20, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday & Altered Playing Card Challenge

Playing catch up again.... story of my life is to be always catching up. :) 
I finally got my garlic planted today and that makes me very happy. Just a few garden chores left to finish and then it's over for this season. 

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to work in the flower beds as they are in desperate need of attention. They have pretty much been ignored since July when my back went out. So I'll have my scooting bucket lid  out there to set on so I can get thongs cleared up a bit and the new Iris bulbs into the ground.
Everything is all leggy and falling over and nothing was deadheaded all summer. :( 

I did mange to get the  AP cards caught up on the weekend and that will be today's art. The new weekly challenge came out today and it looks fun so maybe I'll get this one done on time.... don't hold me to that though :)  
I finally finished the Inspirational Quote Deck too :) 

 Tonight I'm feeling slightly congested with an itchy throat so this weeks T is  a hot 
tea from Celestial Seasonings..♥

 I love their teas and this is just a selection of the ones I own and use. 
Plus all the herbal teas I make from my own herbs out of the garden. I just ordered more empty teabags today so I can start making up a supply of teas for the winter. 
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Friday, October 17, 2014

Paint Party Friday October 17, 2014

It's been a busy week here... another visit to the doctor and my first ever spinal injection. I think it's actually helping too. At least during the day I am feeling much better and taking less pain medication...which makes me happy . I go back in 3 weeks for another one. 
I've done a lot of art this week. When feeling better it's much easier to do and I have to keep busy so that I'm not out doing something that would be too active and set me back. I struggle with that... I want to get outside so bad and clean up the flowerbeds and all of that kind of stuff. I'm not a very good sitter at all. LOL! 
So the first art is one of the bigger pieces on wood I started a while back . I thought I was done with it this morning...however after taking it outside and taking pictures I'm thinking the face maybe needs some more work. She is supposed to be a spirit .... but something just isn't setting right with me now.... opinions appreciated. 

... I just couldn't stop so here is what she looks now ...
...still not sure if she is done but do like her much better now :) ...

 I worked on anther Quote Card...

I added color to blank note card I made in Feb.2012

I didn't post last week.... just not a good energy week but the high light of my week was one of the Monarch Cocoons I've been watching hatched and I got some pretty good photos. I was a few minutes late getting back outside so I didn't get a photo of it actually coming out of the cocoon but he was still wet and unable to fly yet so I got some good ones.

One more has hatched since then But I didn't get any pictures at all and I still have one cocoon left and I'm hoping that the freezing weather doesn't get here before it gets to hatch and fly south for the winter. 
There have been several Monarchs in the flowers this week so they are hatching somewhere near by :) Next year I will have about 3 times the number of milkweed plants to attract more I hope. 
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

T for Tuesday

                 T Stands for Tuesday
                     Another week has gone by and here I am again running late. 
                It’s  been a couple of crazy days here with doctors visits and my treatment at the pain center. So I took a very long nap this afternoon.
                On the weather  side we are having tons rainy days here….too many in a row and lots of gray clouds…which means lower energy levels in my world….I thrive on SUNSHINE!
So “any WHO” here is the art…. My very first Mandala J
               I love them but just never thought I would have the patinece to do one….and then I realized they don’t have to be super intricate or large. So I have joined a challenge to make Mandalas… supposed to do 100 in 100 days and I know that won’t happen. I’m ok with that and will enjoy what I do manage to get done.
Here is # 1 …


I also managed to get one Quote card finished…only 4 more left to do …..
ALMOST forgot the picture of my herbal tea for today…this     weeks mug was painted my the other granddaughter… LOVE IT!

 Today’s random thought…..

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

T Stands fir Tuesday and Art Journal's Journey and Altered Playing Card Challenge

So far it's been a restful week...following a restful weekend. ♥ Which feels great ! 
This months theme at Art Journal's Journal is Deep in the Forest . So here is my first entry for that...
This was done with watercolors , pencil, and fine tipped ink markers. After finishing that I did a pencil sketch while watching TV ...
She was inspired by one of the characters in the show we were watching..." Hell on Wheels" The tree was just a mindless doodle that I added as I watched TV. 
 I also managed to get caught up on the Altered Playing Card Challenge so here are Weeks Four and Five....

Here's the Quote Card I managed to get done, only 5 more cards and this deck will be finished...

Drinking coffee form one of my favorite mugs that was painted for me by one of the Granddaughters. Just noticed it has a little chip in it :( 

Have another dentist appointment today to get my options on replacing the tooth I lost last week. I'm seeing BIG dollar signs :( 
Then when I get home I get to start on the apples again. I am giving away one of the buckets full so that's a relief. As much as I love having the applesauce and pie filling I'm really getting burnt out on working with apples. 
Today's Random Thought
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