Friday, July 19, 2013

Paint Party Friday

It's Friday and I made it back with out being late :) !!
It's been another busy summer week here. The Granddaughters came to visit for 3 days and we did our best to pack in as much fun as possible! Which always includes art in some way . 
We spent a day in the yard and garden playing , planting and harvesting. Then a day in a state park playing in a spring water fed creek and staying delightfully cool while the temperatures soared . The last we day we  did art and ate all kinds of yummy food :) 

The flowers are looking great right now....afraid a few more days of this intense heat and it may be a totally different story :( 

The girls had so much fun at the stream... here's one of the more shallow spots we played in where they caught tadpoles and put them in temporary little ponds. 
Later we went to deeper pools where they snorkeled and silly Grandma left her camera in the car after lunch. 

We always have art ... it's not a visit with out some sort of art experience. This time we painted. 

All of us chose water scenes.... remembering the  fun from the day before I guess. 

And of course I had to use up the left over paints for more background pages in my journal.  I haven't used my journal much this year..except for  doing background  pages. Once I get on a roll I'll have lots of pages all ready to go :) 

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Paint Party Friday

See ya again soon :) 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Paint Party Friday....Late AGAIN

I'm either late or missing for these events this summer.... can you say " busier than anyone really needs to be!" 
I am managing to squeeze in a tad bit of art here and there...
Mostly aprons for co-workers

...a few background pages in one of my art journals....with the help of my favorite kitty :) 

I'm tempted to paint his paws and let him have his own go at it....LOL! 
The yard and garden are still occupying most of my "FREE" time still. The wet summer has made everything looks glorious...including the over abundance of weeds :( It's been very hard to keep up. 

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Paint Party Friday

Now off to the Depot for another crazy Saturday Night.