Friday, November 18, 2016

Paint Party Friday

It's been awhile again :/ 
No particular reason other than playing with the puppy. It's kind of like having a baby and all of your time goes into caring for it and training it . 
How can you not just want to spend all day long loving on this little sweetie :) 
There has been a wee bit of art done. I made a couple of cards with Mandala's on them. 
The first one I did right before election day. A form of meditation in a way. A pulling together of thoughts and prayers toward a positive outcome in a no win situation. 
The second one was done after the election when the world was shocked by the outcome. 
A prayer for guidance and unity . A gather of forces to stand again what may happen and striving towards a peaceful outcome. 
I've started a third's still in the drawing and deciding stage .
A resurrection of a symbol of my youth to remind myself that this battle has been fought before and can be done again and again until we get it right. 
That we can fix the things that are wrong without destroying the things that are right.
Then on a brighter side the lesson learned today is that I NEED a compass! 
drawing circles with out one is not easy. 
Today's Random Thoughts

A new day is dawning.

Friday, November 4, 2016


Hello again!
I'm still having difficulty getting back into the swing creating art here. :(  I come in to so something...anything and end up on the computer surfing the net just looking at nothing in particular. 
I pulled out an old sketch this week that I was never happy with and tried to improve it and then do some watercolors on it. I'm still calling it a 
as I'm not pleased with how it looks at all. 
is what it says to me. 
Perhaps I'll try doing some gel pen doodles on it tonight while watching TV.
So after a frustrating art adventure I grabbed the garden tool belt and heading outside to plant a few more bulbs. 

Two bags of each kind went into the circle drive flowerbed. So here's hoping that the critters leave them alone and the Spring will be full of beautiful blooms . 
That's what's going on in my world this's it going in yours?
Today's Random Thought
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