Tuesday, September 30, 2014

29 Faces in Spetember 2014 and This is the END

... And This is the End....
or is it ? 
Days 27, 28 and 29 
This has definitely been one of the most challenging "29 Faces" I've participated in. It seemed like some force out there in the universe was trying very hard to prevent me from getting these done... but I fooled 'em. I made it!!! Not the Grand Finally that I would have wished for but I got all 29 Faces done and a couple of little bonus ones so I am HAPPY! 
So now to my last few faces....
Day 27
It's a birthday  gift for a special friend who has a special birthday this week. She also really loves anything Native American . She doesn't have any room on her walls for more art so this is a painted rock that can fit just about anywhere she wants.

Day 28 
I'm really happy with the face and hope to add some wild and funky hair soon and then paint her all up.. just not enough minutes in my day to get her done yet. 

Day 29 

My personal challenge is to work on doing younger faces. So this a practice page to start that new challenge off for myself. 
So once I get all of the apples here done and the rest of the fire damage cleaned up ..I'll be working on children's faces for a while. 
It's always so much fun to do this challenge and I look forward to every one of them. I get to meet fantastic new people  and get better with my art all wrapped up in a fun time. 

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Monday, September 29, 2014

29 Faces in September 2014

Face # 26
Notice I am no longer calling them Days? It's day 29 and I'm behind again. That bad tooth and it's removal last week really threw me behind. I'm still struggling with the "get up and go" being totally GONE :(  I think it may be time to hit up the energy drink again ♥
So no more whining for today and here's the art....back ground first....
This is from the February 29 Faces challenge... Day 6 of that one. I want to paint it but wanted it in the new journal too so I made  an edited copy of it onto watercolor paper....
.... I then cut out the  the actual image to be glued in to the new journal on a prepared background page. I thought I had taken pictures of the background page and the cut out image....if I did I don't  know where I stored them cause I certainly can't find them... perhaps I just dreamed of doing it :/ 

After painting the image and gluing it onto the journal I then added more of the crazy hair swirls to the background page . I kind of like her... she grows on me... 
Here's and updated photo of Face # 25 ...she is still not finished ...but I have to put her aside to work in the last 3 faces for the challenge....I can do this!!!!  I will get them all done :) 
The apples can wait til the end of the week :) 

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Paint Party Friday, 29 Faces in September and Art Journals Journey

Another Friday Already! 

Time is racing by and Fall really is here now.  I've pretty much been keeping up with the 29 Faces Challenge....just not posting everyday. You'd think with me not working that I would have time to write a novel or at least a short story every now and then. It just doesn't seem to work that way. 
Day 21 and 22 
Not at all happy with these but couldn't fix at the time so went onto something...will be coming back to these  at some point. 

Day 23
Much happier with this one and look forward to painting it too.  

Day 24
This was a pencil sketch I did for Day 8... 
Almost didn't have enough ink in the marker I was using on the hair..... but it looks cool being able to see the background through it least I think so :) 

Day 25 
This one has been fun and slightly more challenging. She is still a  WIP so you'll definitely be seeing more of her. Not sure if the white lace flowers are staying or not. 

We had a special visitor on our deck yesterday...I'm just hoping he wasn't inviting himself to dinner out of my little fish pond which is just below the deck ..

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Altered Playing Card Challenge Week 3

Week 3 
Was really having trouble getting into the spirit of week 3. I don't have a lot of stamps or fancy die cutters and all of those spray inks and thinks. I refuse to buy any more art supplies right now as I am overflowing my space as is :) So I struggled at first....
For the first card I worked on my background was textured... so when I tried to use a leaf stencil it just wouldn't work.  Then I tried a paper punch I had picked up out of the bargain bins at Michael's  ages ago... it's for tiny hands that I punch out in fall leaf colors.... glued them on and added the fall verse I had chosen...and some doodles....
I hated it... almost enough not to even share it at all.... so I gessoed over it... and started over...
.... after spraying the background colors I  LOVED it this time... So I re-added the fall song.... glazed over it all with a redish copper metallic glaze and add the bird which I found in a box of odds and ends jewelry I had picked up at the Flea Market. 

The second card was easier.... I had a set of stencils that I knew would work and I knew the quote I wanted to use ...
I have also realized that I didn't blog about the first set of card for week 2 or the prep for week 1 and there are a few of you who don't do Facebook or Pinterest.  So here are their photos :) 
Week 1   Prep

... at least a small selection of some of them .
Week 2 ...
the first set of cards 

 ...and here's another card for my Inspirational Quote Deck.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Paint Party Friday ---- Art Journals Journey --- 29 Faces in September 2014

Yeah it's FRIDAY!!!!!!
Lots of things going on here this week... most of good some of it not so good.... but that's life ♥ 
In spite a not so good health wise week, I've managed to get lots of things done. What ever bug I had that was making me super nauseous has run it's coarse and today I'm up and about.
So on to the art..... :) 
Day 16 
done on a small wood plack
3" X 4" 

 Day 17
...also done on wood 
3" X 3 1/2 " 

Day 18
..done in my journal with acrylics and a palette knife. ... 

Day 19 
... done on the back of a laminate sample that is 3 1/2" X 5"   

One of the Quote Cards I got done and somewhere in this house is another one.. I know it was on my desk last night but not today. I'm sure one of the cats has taken it off somewhere and it will show back up someday .... they do that now and then. 

Today I'm trying my hand at making fermented cayenne sauce....

.... have to do something with all of these peppers and one can only use so many dried HOT peppers. 
The second apple tree is over ready now too so I'll be making applesauce starting next week..'s Random Thought...

... once again linking to all of these wonderful sites .... so click on their buttons on my sidebar to go an visit....

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

29 Faces in Spetember 2014 and T Stands for Tuesday

Trying to get caught up here after my little set back with the reaction. Still itchy and a little red but it's getting better and I don't have to take the Benadryl  any more so maybe I will be able to really wake up :) 
Today I was able to get a couple of ACEO faces done and one more of the Quote cards and then since the ACEO's are the right size I went ahead and turned them into quote cards too. 
 So here is today's work ....

Day 14

Day 15 

Quote card..
and then because I'm also linking to 
T Stands for Tuesday
here's my drink of choice today. I don't drink soda very often anymore but when I do it's usually this one. 
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

29 Faces in September 2014 and Art Journal's Journey

Day 13
Hard to believe the month is already half way over. 
Today's face is done with colored pencils and a watercolor background. It's been forever since I've used the colored pencils  and my blending skills are slightly rusty. I may have also gotten more than a little carried away with the doodles in the hairstyle and ran right off the top of the page with them. Happens when I doodle and watch TV at the same time :) 
So here she is ....

Quote card for today....

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