Monday, September 1, 2014

29 Faces in September 2014 Day 1

Day 1
We're off and running!!! So looking forward to all of the great faces this time 'round. I remember when I did the first one I could barely draw a face that even remotely looked like a face. Even at the end of that first challenge I could see a marked improvement and I felt more comfortable sharing my work. Hoping to learn tons more this time around too. 
So here she is.... 
This one was inspired by  photo in a crochet magazine.. The hat is supposed to be the star and in the photo it's crocheted in orange with black and turquoise flowers and feathers. I have a granddaughter who is addicted to hats of all kinds and I was looking for a new pattern for her... I think we found the one :) 
Since I'm still working on my Inspirational Quote Deck I'll share today's card for that too.
I almost forgot to mention, I was so excited to do this again . I went out and bought a new journal just for faces :) ...
...even gave it a new cover ♥

Random Thought for today...
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  1. Hi Carol. The quotes you have really are inspiring, thank you for sharing them. I love your beautiful lady with the wonderful hat. Yes your faces are getting better and better. I love them all. Awesome that you are dedicating the journal to 29 Faces. I am printing my book through Flicker. I like the way their books turn out and it's a fair price. I look forward to seeing more of your excellent faces. Have a great week.:)

  2. This post makes me so happy!
    Yes! practice makes perfect... your face looks fantastic!

  3. Wonderful post Carol!
    I like your first face !
    I am trying to take all 29 faces this time again..
    Every face is a LIVIN BEING as well -so I can link it to
    clever girl me?!
    Nothing better than practising faces!

  4. I like her.. and her hat! I also like your card for today too.. :)
    Good Morning! Stormy night!!!

  5. I like her and especially her gorgeous hat! ;)