Tuesday, September 2, 2014

29 Faces in Sept 2014 and T Stands for Tired

Day 2 
Today has been a real struggle for me.... I over slept and it was down hill from there on out. One of those days you gladly take a do over for. It seamed like I was running on empty the hole day and nothing would come together right. I should have just gone back to bed LOL!!!
 So for today's art I tried to do a sketch of one of my granddaughters. It needs some more work but it will have to wait until the brain is more functional. 

It is getting there and I know some of the things I need to do ...just not tonight. 
The little Inspirational Card turned out better :) 
I'm linking to 
T Stands for Tuesday 
with Elizabeth & Bleubeard
the required drink is in the first photo :)
.....and also.....
Today's Random Thought


  1. Sorry you had a bad day. I hope things are better tomorrow. At least you don't have to face going to work, which, right now, is a bonus.

    The face is wonderful. I'm glad you know what it needs to have it be finished. I certainly like it, though.

    Of course, your inspiration card blew me away. It looks like a dream catcher. You made these look easy, but I know they aren't.

    Bleubeard resembles that random thought. At least HE thinks so (grin).

  2. oh my, it is 29 faces! I did not realize, I usually like doing it, i will have to consider joining in.

    your granddaughter and her portrait are lovely and i also like your inspirational piece!

  3. Hi! Nice sketch!
    You don't need to add the link again, I fixed it so all your faces show from link 28 in the Linky :oD
    Talk to you soon!

  4. Beautiful shading and nice hair!

  5. Lovely drawing! here's a hint: the head-from the top of the hair to the eyebrows, is actually half of the whole head, and the facial features fit into the bottom 'half'. When I try to draw children, they always end up looking like adults!...or much older than they are... try this trick to see if it helps. You've done a great job with shading...29 faces is a lot, but I suspect you will find it will get easier! so glad you shared...she is a beautiful girl!

  6. LOL LOVE the cat/nap picture and quote at the end of your post.

    Great start on your GD's portrait, you'll get it the way you want it, just hang in there!

    Beautiful inspirational card!

    Belated Tea wishes!

  7. Hi Carol. Love your GD's portrait, it's very nice and I especially love your random thought.:) Great job.

  8. Lovely inspirational card! I love the white lines through the color.

  9. I can't draw faces at all so I am always impressed by anyone who can. The background of your inspiration card is especially pretty. Hope today was better for you.

  10. I am with Craftymoose. I cannot draw either so an in awe of someone who can and yours is lovely.
    I love the thought for today...I think that is my dog's mantra!
    When the day is getting you down, take time for a cuppa and life will look better through the bottom of a cup!

  11. I hope today was better than yesterday for you. Your drawings are so lovely. I am taking part in 29 faces too, but mine, aren't in the same league as yours by any stretch of my imagination, lol. I will be doing a group posting after I've done a few, mainly because I don't have time to blog everyday, but also, it'll be less painful for people to view, lol
    I hop the rest of your week and the weekend are 'on the up' :D