Friday, September 26, 2014

Paint Party Friday, 29 Faces in September and Art Journals Journey

Another Friday Already! 

Time is racing by and Fall really is here now.  I've pretty much been keeping up with the 29 Faces Challenge....just not posting everyday. You'd think with me not working that I would have time to write a novel or at least a short story every now and then. It just doesn't seem to work that way. 
Day 21 and 22 
Not at all happy with these but couldn't fix at the time so went onto something...will be coming back to these  at some point. 

Day 23
Much happier with this one and look forward to painting it too.  

Day 24
This was a pencil sketch I did for Day 8... 
Almost didn't have enough ink in the marker I was using on the hair..... but it looks cool being able to see the background through it least I think so :) 

Day 25 
This one has been fun and slightly more challenging. She is still a  WIP so you'll definitely be seeing more of her. Not sure if the white lace flowers are staying or not. 

We had a special visitor on our deck yesterday...I'm just hoping he wasn't inviting himself to dinner out of my little fish pond which is just below the deck ..

Today's Quote Card

Random Thought...

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Paint Party Friday



  1. Hi Carol, a nice series of art work and I liked the quote and random thought. Have a great weekend :)

  2. You made amazing different faces Carol... awesome! Than you for sahring it with
    AJJ Challenge !
    Have a great weekend!
    What a special visitor this is?! GREAT!

  3. Beautiful faces! I like how the background shows through the hair too!

  4. What a lot of wonderful work....I like the sketchy faces with the long hair, too, but the last face is out of this world good! Woohoo for you! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Carol, I like the faces you've done for today's post. I think you hit the nail on the head. The bird is eyeing the fish.

  6. What an interesting collection of faces--and in so many styles! Fabulous!

  7. I like all your faces - but the last 2 are just terrific. Very unique - and yes - I think the fish are in trouble

  8. Thanks for sharing a little corner of the world with us! Great faces. You did a wonderful job...loads of fun here! Love the colorful one!

    Hug Giggles

  9. really wonderful faces-and so varied too! Good for you to keep up. I'd be a bit concerned about the fish...

  10. Your faces are all wonderful. Love how you did the hair on face 24. And the random thought for today is so true ....

  11. Hi Carol. Hope you are doing good. Love your variety of faces. Very nice work. Your random thoughts always are food for thought. Thanks.

  12. I would not trust that hawk.. :) Interesting WIP face, beautiful green eyes!

  13. Love the variety in the all looks beautiful! Interesting doodled quote-card too :)

  14. Love the day 24 painting, so cute!