Monday, September 29, 2014

29 Faces in September 2014

Face # 26
Notice I am no longer calling them Days? It's day 29 and I'm behind again. That bad tooth and it's removal last week really threw me behind. I'm still struggling with the "get up and go" being totally GONE :(  I think it may be time to hit up the energy drink again ♥
So no more whining for today and here's the art....back ground first....
This is from the February 29 Faces challenge... Day 6 of that one. I want to paint it but wanted it in the new journal too so I made  an edited copy of it onto watercolor paper....
.... I then cut out the  the actual image to be glued in to the new journal on a prepared background page. I thought I had taken pictures of the background page and the cut out image....if I did I don't  know where I stored them cause I certainly can't find them... perhaps I just dreamed of doing it :/ 

After painting the image and gluing it onto the journal I then added more of the crazy hair swirls to the background page . I kind of like her... she grows on me... 
Here's and updated photo of Face # 25 ...she is still not finished ...but I have to put her aside to work in the last 3 faces for the challenge....I can do this!!!!  I will get them all done :) 
The apples can wait til the end of the week :) 

Today's Random Thought...

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  1. She looks lovely Carol. Good to hear you are feeling better. Annette x

  2. Quite a transformation, she looks very colorful and happy!