Sunday, September 21, 2014

Altered Playing Card Challenge Week 3

Week 3 
Was really having trouble getting into the spirit of week 3. I don't have a lot of stamps or fancy die cutters and all of those spray inks and thinks. I refuse to buy any more art supplies right now as I am overflowing my space as is :) So I struggled at first....
For the first card I worked on my background was textured... so when I tried to use a leaf stencil it just wouldn't work.  Then I tried a paper punch I had picked up out of the bargain bins at Michael's  ages ago... it's for tiny hands that I punch out in fall leaf colors.... glued them on and added the fall verse I had chosen...and some doodles....
I hated it... almost enough not to even share it at all.... so I gessoed over it... and started over...
.... after spraying the background colors I  LOVED it this time... So I re-added the fall song.... glazed over it all with a redish copper metallic glaze and add the bird which I found in a box of odds and ends jewelry I had picked up at the Flea Market. 

The second card was easier.... I had a set of stencils that I knew would work and I knew the quote I wanted to use ...
I have also realized that I didn't blog about the first set of card for week 2 or the prep for week 1 and there are a few of you who don't do Facebook or Pinterest.  So here are their photos :) 
Week 1   Prep

... at least a small selection of some of them .
Week 2 ...
the first set of cards 

 ...and here's another card for my Inspirational Quote Deck.

Random Thought for Today...


  1. Great - love how you altered the one with the hands, and what a difference it made! Have a lovely day, hugs, Valerie

  2. wonderful effects on all this APC's Carol! AMAZING!

  3. Carol, the makeover of the hands one is fantastic! I like the new version so much more than the original. Great job in transforming it. I'm with you. I have so much stuff that I don't think I could ever use it all up in one lifetime.

  4. I love the change on the hands.. the bird! And I also love the dragonflies!

  5. Good grief, I love these. You did such a great creative and blessed job. Love the quotes too.. . .. especially about falling vs flying. I am so impressed with these. I wish I had heard about this, I have a couple of different decks of cards I bought especially to do this and never got to it. (I'm a new follower.) Blessings, Janet PPF (Wish I could find a gold bird.)