Tuesday, September 30, 2014

29 Faces in Spetember 2014 and This is the END

... And This is the End....
or is it ? 
Days 27, 28 and 29 
This has definitely been one of the most challenging "29 Faces" I've participated in. It seemed like some force out there in the universe was trying very hard to prevent me from getting these done... but I fooled 'em. I made it!!! Not the Grand Finally that I would have wished for but I got all 29 Faces done and a couple of little bonus ones so I am HAPPY! 
So now to my last few faces....
Day 27
It's a birthday  gift for a special friend who has a special birthday this week. She also really loves anything Native American . She doesn't have any room on her walls for more art so this is a painted rock that can fit just about anywhere she wants.

Day 28 
I'm really happy with the face and hope to add some wild and funky hair soon and then paint her all up.. just not enough minutes in my day to get her done yet. 

Day 29 

My personal challenge is to work on doing younger faces. So this a practice page to start that new challenge off for myself. 
So once I get all of the apples here done and the rest of the fire damage cleaned up ..I'll be working on children's faces for a while. 
It's always so much fun to do this challenge and I look forward to every one of them. I get to meet fantastic new people  and get better with my art all wrapped up in a fun time. 

Today's Random Thought


  1. just fab all you did ! Great event ! I enjoyed it too!

  2. Love the first face! I am very interested to see how she turns out!!! The painted rock is a sweet gift.. :)

  3. Congrats on finishing the challenge! It can be hard at times but afterwards it's always so rewarding to see all the work you've done. Love your rock-face, and looking forward to seeing the lady with the crazy hair finished ;-) And that quote is beautiful ....