Thursday, January 26, 2012

Butterfly Effect.....Opposites


This week at Butterfly Effect the theme is "Opposites" 
At first I was stumped with what I was going to do .... I have been knocking around with the idea of trying to do "Zentangles" for a bit... so I decided to give it a shot and see what I came up with. 
While practicing a couple of the tangles I thought of trying a heart with each side being a mirror image of each other...sort of. 
Remember this is my first "Zentangle" and I have no idea what I'm really doing.
So here it is.....

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....and one of these days I'll learn how to do a real click on link...maybe :0) 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Paint Party Friday.....Week 45....

Still not getting much art done these days....lack of energy and inspiration I guess. 
I did play with my metallic watercolors in my journal.... I like the look but wish that the colors were more true. The red and pink look like copper. Oh well I'll find a use for them.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Butterfly eFFECT


This weeks "mission" :0) was
a quote or a poem and art related to it. 
Being even more brain dead than normal I was having difficulty coming up with something...anything!!!!! NA! DA!..
So I started digging through my stash of magazine pictures looking for inspiration. 
Still drawing a blank....the only pictures that stirred a reaction were one of a pair of geese  apparently kissing and a really funky bird that I had no clue of what it was....didn't think to cut that part out I guess. 
Then a friend sent me a quote she thought I would like.

Finally I had a use for the bird pictures...well at least the funky one fit .
So I grabbed my journal and started cutting and pasting. I used small pictures of me at different phases of my life and used them as the center of my flowers. Couldn't resist using the geese either :0)

Had so much fun doing this one that I did another with pictures of me with my kids  and grandkids. 

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Metallic Watercolors are sooooooo FUN!

I bought myself a set of metallic watercolor paints a couple of weeks ago and have just gotten around to trying them out. 
This is a 9 X 12 inch watercolor and ink painting that I will be donating to the Fund Raiser Auction for my brother-in-laws cancer treatments. 
He received great news today!!! His treatments have been successful and at this time he is cancer free and won't have to have any more treatments. They are giving him a few more weeks to recuperate and  then they will do some reconstructive  surgery. He won't be able to go back to work until around Easter and the bills just keep pouring in.
My sister was able to go back to work last week now that he is not getting treatments every day and can be left alone. 
Things are starting to look up in their world but continued prayers will be appreciated. 
Thanks for all of your support!  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Paint Party Friday.....Week 44......

Things Forgotten
This is a watercolor and ink painting that I did for Butterfly Effect last week ....and forgot to post it :0( 
Lucky me that this weeks challenge is 
Things Forgotten. 
 Art Swap Bonanza
...I'm also showing my newest journal pages that high lite the
art swap I did with AMY! She posted on her blog to send her some art and she'd send art back. So I accepted her challenge and dashed off a home made card.  
These are the two pieces she sent me. Which I created pages in my art journal for. 

This one is a card that has the sweetest note inside. I love all of the great friends I have found in blogland! My life is much richer!!! 

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Paint Party Friday.....Week 43

I struggled to come up with a focus word for 2012. 
Both 2010 and 2011 were horrific years for me personally. I suffered loses and betrayals that nearly broke me. But I hung on and refused to give up and things did get better. Much better!  
Even though things were working out for me I was still having issues with anger and other strong emotions.  Which would pop up out of the blue and knock the wind out of my sails. 
On New Years Day I decided that I had to forgive and get on with life or I was going to be unhappy forever. I thought about it all day and that night as we went to bed ...I simply rolled over and said..."I forgive you!"  I couldn't see his face in the dark but I could feel his relief....and it was like a ton of bricks were lifted off my chest. Not only did I forgive him but I forgave myself also and was able to release the anger I had kept bottled up inside. 
So my word for the year has become a phrase instead...

The journal pages I'm sharing are the ones I made as I worked through these decisions. Funny how you can sometimes put things into your art that you can't say in words. Once you finish the piece and register what the message is is a "DA" moment. 

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