Monday, January 16, 2012

Metallic Watercolors are sooooooo FUN!

I bought myself a set of metallic watercolor paints a couple of weeks ago and have just gotten around to trying them out. 
This is a 9 X 12 inch watercolor and ink painting that I will be donating to the Fund Raiser Auction for my brother-in-laws cancer treatments. 
He received great news today!!! His treatments have been successful and at this time he is cancer free and won't have to have any more treatments. They are giving him a few more weeks to recuperate and  then they will do some reconstructive  surgery. He won't be able to go back to work until around Easter and the bills just keep pouring in.
My sister was able to go back to work last week now that he is not getting treatments every day and can be left alone. 
Things are starting to look up in their world but continued prayers will be appreciated. 
Thanks for all of your support!  


  1. Lovely picture, and hope you BiL will soon be completely recovered! Hugs, Valerie

  2. This is great news things are looking up! I love your bee!!!