Sunday, August 31, 2014

August heART---- August 31,2014---- Art Journal's Journey

Day 31
.....the end....
It's hard to believe that the month is over already . It really has been a joy and I'm happy to have met some new art friends on this adventure.
For the last day of this month I decide to squeeze in one more Frida page in my journal along with another Inspirational Quote Card. 
Here's Frida...

... and here's the card....

 I also did one more Frida but I can't share it yet as it's a gift that hasn't been received yet. Later this week I'll probably share. So check back. 
Today's Random Thought

Saturday, August 30, 2014

August heART

Day 30
The end is in sight and it's only a beginning . Another challenge another dream and so life goes on. 
Today's art is of course another card and I also managed to prep a good number of the remaining card fronts . Just waiting to see what feels like being done with them as I get to them. 
Here's the art....
When I started her I thought I was going to to do another Frida... but Frida just wouldn't show up today. This lady kept saying I'm here and I want out today. So here she is :)
I worked a bit more in the yard today... scooting around on my bucket lid... pulling the weeds from the front flowerbed and getting my hands in the dirt. Oh how I had missed that!
 The Passion Vine is full of blossoms again and some fruit too. The fruit will not have time to ripen here before the cold kills the vines back to the ground. :( Our summer just isn't long enough. But I have lots of leaves to gather and dry and use for tinctures. 
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Paint Party Friday--Art Journals Journey and August heART ---August 29, 2014

Day 29
It's been a "SUPER" busy day here so far :) I was wide awake at 2:30 am. One of those things that happens when I take a nap the day before. I tossed and turned for an hour trying to go back to sleep but finally gave in to the fact that it just wasn't happening. 
So I started in on the apples again... cleaning and slicing so I can cool more applesauce. Once that was on the stove... worked on a Inspirational Quote Card and when that was done I decided O wanted to do ate least one more Frida for the Art Journals Journey challenge. 
Here's the card...for August heART...
 It's a "doodle" on a "doodle" :) 
The Frida art is for 
Art Journals Journey

Paint Party Friday 
This is how far I got before leaving for therapy at 7:30am .....

Did my therapy for 90 minutes.... the next person was a no show so we kept on working... I'll probably pay for it tomorrow :)  After therapy I ran a couple of errands and came home to finish Frida ♥

All that is left to do is decided which quote I want to put on the page too. There are so many to choose from. ♥ 
I've mowed half of the yard this afternoon and I think I'll save the other half for Bobbo... The leg and back are telling me I've pushed my luck today so I quit...well except for that applesauce that will have to go into jars and in the water bath canner.  
I've also worked a bit more on the painting on wood....
 ...she's coming along...
Today's Random Thought...
Currie Silvers

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August heART ---August 28, 2014

Day 28
It was  a spinning in circle kind of day here.... lots pf starting overs and never seeming to complete much of anything. Finally gave up fighting it and went and took a nap :) Some days are just meant for that. 
So here is today art....
...after all if you are going to spin in circles you may as well DANCE ♥
Not a lot going on in the veggie garden these days...I did gather this today though.

HOT peppers and Asian Green Beans. YUM !
Today's Random Thought...
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August heART ---- August 27,2014

Day 27
Hello World!! 
Just have a minute here to get today's post out before the lights go out again and stay out.... figuratively and in reality. Storming out there and the lights keep flickering and my head is nodding big time. 
Today's card 
 For some reason today I couldn't get this little song out of my head.... every time I turned around I was either singing it...humming it or just thinking it . 
Another hot day today but then the cold front FINALLY made it here and we got RAIN ♥ and cooler temps. 
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August heART---- August 26,2014

Day 26
The month is almost over and it has been a lot of fun! I have really liked doing this event and creating all of these little cards. I'll continue with them until I have a complete deck of 52. 
Today card...

The doctors visit went well and I have another month of therapy. Then I have to decide exactly what I am going to do about my job.  I really wanted to work there for 3 more years but don't know that I can handle that type of work any longer. Decisions must be made. 
The heat is really baking us here this week. Everything is looking and feeling rather limp... except the pond plants....they are going nuts in this heat...
Marsh Mallows in full bloom...they are 12 ft tall this year  !
 Looking down at the fish pond from the back deck... don't usually let the plants completely cover the water like this.... but it's ok cause with this heat the extra shade helps...There is a small fountain in there and a bubble-er but you just can't see them :)  
 Maybe I'll pull some of the Water Hyacinths out tomorrow afternoon or's supposed to be cooler Thursday.  

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Monday, August 25, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday and August heART ---August 25, 2014

Day 25
Today was apple cook off day again.... so the brain is about as mushy as the applesauce I cooked. It didn't wipe me out as badly as last week so  perhaps my strength is finally building back up. :) 
So today's art is a simple doodle....
 Tomorrow is another trip to the doctors office for testing and an evaluation on how well the therapy is helping. 
The therapist gave me their  recommendations today to hand over to the doctor. They feel I need at least another month of therapy before I even think about returning to work....I'm inclined to agree with them.  Hopefully the insurance companies will too . 
I did  a tad bit more work on the bigger painting last night.....
...she's coming along .
I forgot to take a picture of my drink ... so here is   a teacup I hope to have in the fantasy garden out back someday :) 

Today's random thought....
Currie Silvers 

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

August heART ---- August 23rd and 24th , 2014

Days 23 and 24
Yesterday my computer decided that it was totally over loaded and went into nano-motion.....which makes slow motion look like a speed race. :( So I spent hours cleaning up files and getting rid of unwanted and duplicate pictures .  I save everything....sometimes even when I know I'll never look at it again....what's up with that?  An extension of craft supplies hoarding perhaps? Even with all of that work I still have a gazillion or more pictures that I just can't give up that need to be moved to some sort of external device. My work is cut out for me. 
So after all of that work there was no energy left for writing another post  for August heART. So today is a two-for :) 

Summer has finally arrived in the Midwest and it's really hot out there...along with really high humidity. So my morning walks outside have been put on hold until next week. I'm walking laps inside my house which has  the animals all confused..but the follow me as I walk the circle from living room through bedroom , the master bath, through the back entryway, into the kitchen and back into the living room . A circular floor plans sometimes has it's advantages.
My husband laughs and says there goes Carol with her marching band.. one dog and 3 cats LOL!
The gardens are looking a little rung out with the heat.... tonight I'll have to drag out the water hose and give them all a good rain forecast-ed for a few days. 
 Random Thoughts for today....

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Paint Party Friday and August heART----August 22,2014

Thanks again to the amazing efforts of Eva and Kristin for keeping this alive and going. It is one of the big high lights of my week!
Congrats to Maria on being chosen the featured artist for the week.. Brilliant work in oh so many ways ♥ 
It's been busy here... I'm moving around better and getting more things done. I can't believe I've been off 7 weeks now. It will be oh so hard to go back to work whenever I do. 
I'm still not sure if I will be able to go back to my old job...time will tell. 
The art for this week is another Inspirational Quote card and a WIP  that I have let set to long and have started working on again.
The card.....
 ... doing the profile is new territory for me and this time I have her looking the opposite direction which was much more challenging. The colors are not scanning well either and that is disappointing... She is much warmer in true life. 
The WIP....
 I love this background so much that I was and still am terrified of screwing it up by adding to it. But I'm commented now finishing it so here it goes... after adding the little quote to it I hated it... so it will probably be gone when you see this again. 
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Today's Random Thought 
really isn't so random . 
It includes a SPECIAL Prayer ReQuest for my sisters husband. 
Four years ago he developed an extremely aggressive form of mouth cancer and was only given a 20% chance of surviving the surgery and treatments. He not only survived but he exceeded all expectations of recovery including the ability to talk and eat. Last month they discover a completely different form of cancer in his lymph nodes. It has already spread to his bones and because the extreme treatments he had 4 years ago there is nothing they can do for him this time around. His body just can't take any more treatments. Normal life expectancy for this type is usually 10 years best but because of his history they are only giving him 2 years likely and at 
best  5 years.  
My sister is naturally devastated  as we all are. We ask for prayers of strength and Peace and that the time we have left will be Good and as painless as possible. 
Sorry to post such a downer but wanted to share how important it is to cherish what you have today....tomorrow is promised to no one.