Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August heART ---- August 27,2014

Day 27
Hello World!! 
Just have a minute here to get today's post out before the lights go out again and stay out.... figuratively and in reality. Storming out there and the lights keep flickering and my head is nodding big time. 
Today's card 
 For some reason today I couldn't get this little song out of my head.... every time I turned around I was either singing it...humming it or just thinking it . 
Another hot day today but then the cold front FINALLY made it here and we got RAIN ♥ and cooler temps. 
Today's Random Thought


  1. I love that song! It was in the film 'The King and I', and I remember seeing it in the distant past with my great auntie! Hope the storm is over now! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Nice card. :) You have really gone to town, as they say, this month! I've been so busy 'n' sidetracked these past few day ... today's for catching up!