Sunday, August 10, 2014

Art Journal Journey & August heART August 10, 2014

Day 10
I am so loving these two, month long challenges. They have given me inspiration and also the ability to do something positive just for myself  while I try to behave myself and heal this crappy back injury. I do not do inactivity well at all and if it wan't for the art I know I would be doing something else that just wouldn't be good for. I know myself. :( 
Today's art is another Frida in my journal .. a pencil sketch that I know I will be painting either tonight or tomorrow. :) I'm doing a "HAPPY DANCE" in my head. 

For August heART I have another Inspirational Quote Deck Card....

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Today's Random Thought...


  1. Great Frida sketch and card ~ inspiration abounds!
    And take care of that back!

  2. These seem like two great challenges. Might participate next year too :-) I love your Frida-journal, and those inspirational quote deck cards are an awesome idea. Hope your back will be better soon!

  3. I am so happy that have drawn another Frida, and she is Wow!!! Hugs, Valerie

  4. She is so expressive Carol and I adore this vibrat colors on this cards -
    I am so pleased to hear that AJJ inspires you and that making art helps speed up your healing process!
    For me it's also a kind of healing therapy - I understand so well what you mean ...
    take care- have a wonderful new week!
    Thank you for joining and supporting Art Journal Journey!

  5. I love your amazing sketch of Frida. Great inspiration! Take care yourself.

  6. A "happy dance" in your head is good.. and so is dignity. I want to choose dignity too. Have a wonderful day Carol!

  7. each are wonderful
    and so different from one another
    a great healing thing to do as you heal.