Saturday, August 30, 2014

August heART

Day 30
The end is in sight and it's only a beginning . Another challenge another dream and so life goes on. 
Today's art is of course another card and I also managed to prep a good number of the remaining card fronts . Just waiting to see what feels like being done with them as I get to them. 
Here's the art....
When I started her I thought I was going to to do another Frida... but Frida just wouldn't show up today. This lady kept saying I'm here and I want out today. So here she is :)
I worked a bit more in the yard today... scooting around on my bucket lid... pulling the weeds from the front flowerbed and getting my hands in the dirt. Oh how I had missed that!
 The Passion Vine is full of blossoms again and some fruit too. The fruit will not have time to ripen here before the cold kills the vines back to the ground. :( Our summer just isn't long enough. But I have lots of leaves to gather and dry and use for tinctures. 
Today's Random Thought 


  1. It doesn't matter that the lady didn't want to be a Frida. I like the one that materialized. I especially like that you painted her on a book page. Recycled art at its best.

    I don't think I've ever seen a Passion Vine before. Those flowers are incredible.

  2. I enjoy being happy for no reason.. it doesn't happen much anymore. Thought happy happens much more than it used too.. :) Love the lady that wants to be here, she is very expressive! The passion vine is very pretty!

  3. Another lovely, lovely card ~ and how generous of you to let this lovely lady out to … choose moonlight!

    And, yeah, my passion fruit doesn't get to ripen either. But those blooms … those crazy, beautiful blooms … ♡♡♡!