Monday, August 18, 2014

August heART August 18, 2014...

Day 18
Seems I missed yesterday... :-/ just plan ole forgot to do any art yesterday until I was already in bed and there was no way I was getting back up... should have gone ahead and got up then though. The steroids decided to go into overdrive last night and kept me up ALL night long. Finally gave up at 4 am and got up and picked up mu pencil. 
This is just a rough draft of what I'm going to try and do on the wood WIP I shared last week...the one with all the drips and textures. 

At 4 am my eyes don't work too well...or the rest of the body either :) 
Here's my Inspirational Quote card for today
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Random Thought for today...


  1. Great sleepless sketch and I love the inspiration card! Thanks for sharing it all with August heART.

    Hope you get some rest. ♡

  2. LOVE Eeyore and the quote! We love our weeds.. well, some of them! Looking forward to the progression of your draft, already love the motion of your lady!