Friday, August 8, 2014

Paint Party Friday and August heART day 8 and Art Journals Journey

Thanks again to Eva and Kristin!!!! Fridays are all the more special because of this event every week ♥ 
Congrats to Silke as the featured artist of the week! Wonderful art she does and always a pleasure to visit her site !
As you can see by today's art I really am addicted to the Frida Kahlo challenge over at Art Journals Journey.Which as carried over to my August heART and the Inspirational Card Deck I'm making there. 
Another pencil sketch one of my art journals...I may actually try and paint this one for next week ...we'll see. 

Two more cards for my Inspirational Card Deck. 

We have had much needed rain the past two days so the gardens are looking all perky again :) 
 Wild mushrooms in the woods out back... have no idea what kind so we just take photos and admire them every year. 
 The Passion Flower Vines are finally blooming :) They are really late this year due to the cold winter and late cold spring. 
 Surprise Lilies are one of my favs.... they make and ungodly mess in the spring and then disappear to pop up and "SURPRISE" us in August.   
 The Miniature Yellow Rose is really liking the weather this summer.  
The only one of my Giant Sunflower seeds to make it this year. The spring was just too wet and cold for all the seeds I set out early. Hopefully the ones I recently planted will do better for a fall showing. 
Still down with my back and not getting much done except for art and reading. These things just take time I reckon. 
Random Thought for today...
Currie Silvers

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  1. I love all your Frida creations, simply fantastic! Your card deck will be wonderful when it is finished. Your garden is looking really good. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Love your Frida paintings and all the gorgeous photos of your flowers.

  3. Wow ~ you are super-prolific lately ~ AWEsome! Love your sketch and cards and thanks for the stroll around your gardens. The passiflora is gorgeous (mine are blooming too)!

  4. I hope your back feels better! I love the flowers in the hair of your inspirations. Beautiful photos too!

  5. Your Frida sketches and cards look so good. You're really getting a great likeness. 'Love seeing all of your beautiful flowers, too.

  6. Awesome job with the Frida works and love your garden and it's flowers. Lucky you to get rain. Great job. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love the great sketch and the beautiful cards, great photos also. Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. Your Frida creations are each wonderful!
    How beautiful your garden is...
    I never cease to be amazed by nature
    and I could look at Passion Flowers all day long

  9. What wonderful art! And what beautiful flowers you have in your garden!

  10. Great Frida series...loving your girls!! You seem so happy and your flowers do too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Each of your Frida creations are just wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing with us at Art Journal Journey!
    Looking forward to the painting ...

  12. That Passion Flower is amazing! We had rain too.. a little over two inches. I am enjoying your Frida works! Hope your back starts to feel much better soon!

  13. You can't have too many Frida paintings. She left us such a legacy. Your garden is so pretty. Nice to see the passion flower.
    Have a nice Sunday

  14. Your Frida art is really wonderful. I love seeing your flowers because I have very few this year. I wanted to send you a thank you card I made because you entered my giveaway, but I haven't received your address yet.