Thursday, August 7, 2014

August heART ----- August 7, 2014

Day 7
It Rained!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
A lot... and that is a good thing!
Today's art is another Inspiration Card for my deck . I also thought I'd share a little bit of how I make the cards. 
I start with a regular deck of cards and I glue them number side down to a page out of my old and extremely word out copy of "GONE WITH THE WIND"   
Then I'm supposed to spray the backs of the cards with spray inks and acrylics. As you can see I sometimes get distracted and end up spray the front sides by mistake. They don't cover as well as the backs as you can see. Easy fix though I just glued the sprayed front to the book page and sprayed the back like I should have to begin with. 

As you can see the book was in pretty bad shape when I decided to start using it in my art. I've read it many,many times and it's even been dropped in the tub a couple of times :) The dog ate the cover off during his puppy stage ( He ate everything that wasn't nailed down)  I try to make sure that at least parts of the words are still visible .
So now that I've bored you with the details here's the Art.....
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  1. They turned out wonderful ..and I am not bored!
    This copy of "Vom Winde verweht" how we call it in german has to tell more than the story of Scarlett and Rhett ---lol!

  2. Oh, Carol ~ not boring at all! It's always fun to learn about the processes of our creative friends and this was no exception! Thanks *again* for participating in August heART!

  3. These look fabulous! We've had rain for almost 2 months now but it's good because we have sun in the day and rain showers in the evening lately.

  4. Wonderful way to reuse a much loved book in your beautiful art!