Sunday, August 24, 2014

August heART ---- August 23rd and 24th , 2014

Days 23 and 24
Yesterday my computer decided that it was totally over loaded and went into nano-motion.....which makes slow motion look like a speed race. :( So I spent hours cleaning up files and getting rid of unwanted and duplicate pictures .  I save everything....sometimes even when I know I'll never look at it again....what's up with that?  An extension of craft supplies hoarding perhaps? Even with all of that work I still have a gazillion or more pictures that I just can't give up that need to be moved to some sort of external device. My work is cut out for me. 
So after all of that work there was no energy left for writing another post  for August heART. So today is a two-for :) 

Summer has finally arrived in the Midwest and it's really hot out there...along with really high humidity. So my morning walks outside have been put on hold until next week. I'm walking laps inside my house which has  the animals all confused..but the follow me as I walk the circle from living room through bedroom , the master bath, through the back entryway, into the kitchen and back into the living room . A circular floor plans sometimes has it's advantages.
My husband laughs and says there goes Carol with her marching band.. one dog and 3 cats LOL!
The gardens are looking a little rung out with the heat.... tonight I'll have to drag out the water hose and give them all a good rain forecast-ed for a few days. 
 Random Thoughts for today....

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  1. furious dancing is wonderful ;-)

    lovely both your pieces
    cleaning up hard drives can be a lot of work, but always feels good to me.
    don't tell anyone, sometimes i do it while i am chatting on the phone ;-)

  2. Like Tammie Lee, that quote about furious dancing really spoke to me. Your work is fantastic and enjoyed reading this post very much. I collect everything too. In fact only this morning I was thinking I needed to clean up my files because my computer is running a bit slow. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Great post, Carol. I can just see that little parade circling the inside of your house and I smile. I just love the moonbeams piece, but the orange dancing is right up my alley.

  4. Ah, Truth and Moonbeams. :) Nice!
    And I love that you do laps around the house! :D