Saturday, August 16, 2014

Art Journals Journey and August heART ----August 16, 2014

Day 16 
I think I did too much today.... NO, I know I did too much today.... it's ok ..I'll be lazy tomorrow. 
While I've been off work I'm been going through my studio and purging and semi organizing ... so I started back on that at 6:30 this morning. Don't ask why I was up... I can't figure it out myself. 
Then at 8 am I decided I have better do something with the newest bucket of apples and started on that. Doing other odds and end clean up projects around the house as the applesauce is cooking. 

I am not a "SUSIE HOMEMAKER" but today I was in that mode big time :-/ Some alien creature has taken control of my mind and body is the most reasonable explanation I can come up with. :) 
Cooked a  really yummy stir fry with veggies from the garden and a little bit if beef for the man... and then collapsed on the couch.
So all I had energy for was 2 really quick and rough Frida sketches in my journal.

I may or may not come back and paint or at least refine them at some other date.  
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Today's Random Thought...


  1. They are great ! Thanks fo another Frida entry, and for making me happy again! Valerie

  2. Oh Carol .. you were so busy..but I know this female business.. it comes to me also some days (of the month) ..think this are the female hormones... lol. it feels like remote controlled for me .
    I would be happy if I were brave enough to cook such a delicius applesauce and store in jars .. I just freeze appleslices en masse for strudel and cake during wintertimes. I am always afraid of trying distillation ... just because many years ago a jar of my sour cherries got fermented. I am stupid- I know!
    You are such a good drawer! I like this portraits very much !
    Thank you so much for sharing them with us at
    Art Journal Journey!

  3. Awesome applesauce! And I'll be your stir fry was delicious, eh? Your Frida sketches are pretty awesome ... especially given that you did them at the end of your busy-busy day!

    And, thanks for sharing with August heART!

  4. I love both these Fridas.. the lips, eyes, and jaw line. I like them the best of all your Fridas Carol.. BUT I am so taken with the lady in your August 12th post!

  5. The homemade applesauce looks yummy! Love the drawings!