Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August heART---- August 26,2014

Day 26
The month is almost over and it has been a lot of fun! I have really liked doing this event and creating all of these little cards. I'll continue with them until I have a complete deck of 52. 
Today card...

The doctors visit went well and I have another month of therapy. Then I have to decide exactly what I am going to do about my job.  I really wanted to work there for 3 more years but don't know that I can handle that type of work any longer. Decisions must be made. 
The heat is really baking us here this week. Everything is looking and feeling rather limp... except the pond plants....they are going nuts in this heat...
Marsh Mallows in full bloom...they are 12 ft tall this year  !
 Looking down at the fish pond from the back deck... don't usually let the plants completely cover the water like this.... but it's ok cause with this heat the extra shade helps...There is a small fountain in there and a bubble-er but you just can't see them :)  
 Maybe I'll pull some of the Water Hyacinths out tomorrow afternoon or's supposed to be cooler Thursday.  

Random Thoughts


  1. Serenity works for me today. So happy you got an extra month! I want this heat to break and I want us to get some rain.. :)

  2. Love the white-over doodle ~ looks great!
    Take care.