Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August heART Day 12

Day 12
Well I missed day 11 .... with all of the doctors appointments and the physical therapy plus the PAPER WORK :'( I was pretty wiped out when I got home and went straight to bed after supper. 
I did work on some half heart-ed art  while setting in waiting rooms. 

I choose those words because I have decided that the doctors approach has been TOO conservative and I want a little more results.... So we have upped the physical therapy and added Aqua Therapy to the treatment plan. 
So today I have more sore muscles but better back movement. 
Today's art is a WIP that I started today, based on one of the classes from Life Book 2014. I felt like doing something a little different today. 
 Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow so I can get back to work on the inspiration deck. 
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Today's Random Thought

 Humming Bird staring at the rain...
August Super Moon :)  


  1. You work too hard Carol. Love your piece. She looks like she's deep in thought. She smiles about it too. Nice job. Don't work so hard, relax and enjoy EVERYTHING. Have a great day tomorrow.

  2. such a lovely piece Carol.
    love the quote you have shared and your photographs!

  3. Wonderful work again. Hope the therapy will bring you relief and not just exhaustion! Take good care of yourself. Love the photos, especially the little humming bird. Hugs, Valerie

  4. fabulous pieces of artwok and images! WOW!! Love all your photos! The moon is gorgeous.. I tried to take a photograph recently on the special event ..but not the right camera for this occasion.... great !

  5. Glad to know that your movement improved. Take care of yourSelf as you do the hard work to continue that path. And I hope that your creative expressions of heART are proving to be Good Medicine to support you through this challenge!

  6. That is one cool lady up there Carol! I think the aqua therapy will truly help! The little hummer is darling!