Friday, May 27, 2016

Paint Party Friday

This will be short and sweet as my computer has a virus and I'm trying this on my little notebook   :/
It doesn't seem to be downloading any photos so it's shorter than I hoped 
; (
sorry for all of the incorrect links   my fingers and brain are not working well together on this little keyboard :(

Friday, May 20, 2016

Paint Party Friday

Just a short post today! 
First...Thanks again to Eva & Kristin for keeping up and going week after week :) We love YOU!
Not a lot of art happening this week . I have a WIP that I have managed to work on a bit all week long but it's still at it's infancy stage waiting to tell me what it wants to grow up to be :) 

and one more WIP 

Mostly I've been outside working. :) 
  All of that work I did making my own bales this year for garden just didn't seem to be working as well as I wanted. 
They are too loose for the tomatoes but I think they will be fine for the sweet potatoes.  So I was going to go ahead and plant the tomatoes in the ground and pray they didn't get the blight again. When I decided to try Craig's List one more time for real straw bales.. :) 
MIRACLES do still happen ! I called right away and went and got 10 bales. I won't need that many but I'm storing what I don't use in the shed ...JUST IN CASE! 
You just never know when Mother Nature will make it rain too much and ruin the straw before it's baled again. 
 Today's Random Thoughts

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Saturday, May 14, 2016


I'M LATE :( 
I've been on vacation for a week and a half and I can't seem to keep my days straight anymore. All day yesterday I kept thinking it was Thursday...I was wrong :(
It's been a stay at home vacation... one where we have caught up on a multitude of projects around here. We've also had a lot of down time to just relax and visit with family and friends. 
Lots of time in the yard and garden ♥ and a wee bit of art time too :) 
I needed a gift box for this weekend. So I decided to cover a box my husbands cell phone came in. I like these boxes because they are usually nice and strong. 
I took one of my  painted background water color sheets cut out the box pattern.
I wasn't smart enough to take a photo of the background page before I cut it out. :( 
Then I glued the paper to the box. Filled the box with rock and wrapped rubber bands around it and turned it upside down to dry.  
I let it set over night and then I took the rubber bands off  and gave it a couple of coats of matte clear coat spray. 

I've always had this thing about pretty boxes :) I love collecting them and making them.
This is just a random photo of my cat Jazz...I was trying to catch the intense blue of his eyes.  This is the closest I could get .

A few flowers from the garden ...

A few critters.... 

..and a few random thoughts ♥
Paint Party Friday
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Friday, May 6, 2016

Paint Party Friday

My how times FLIES! 
Here is Friday again and time to join Eva & Kristin for another great episode of
It's been a productive week here :) 
Two art projects completed and tons of work in the yard finally. 
The art ...
 The first is my journal entry for Colour Me Positive week #17 ...
....and the second is a mixed media on watercolor paper. I've been dreaming about wild horses lately so I figured I should try painting one :)

The fancy iris are blooming :) 
The Wisteria is full of buds :) 

The grass is mowed and raked finally after growing to about 9 inches high :/ 
Today will be a work day in the yard again and searching for straw bales . Which I am learning that are very difficult to find this year due to the wet summer last year :( 
I may have to re-think my vegetable garden. 
Today's Random Thoughts

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