Tuesday, March 29, 2016


It's Tuesday and it's very Spring like out there today :) 
I did a quick walk about the yard enjoying the sunshine and fighting the wind :) 
 The spring flowers in front of the house are still looking good. Some of the others are already fading :( The grass is starting to work it's way into the flower bed again. So I'll have to have my helper re- edge it and get rid of the grass. I do miss not being able to do these things. 

Soon what few tulips I have left will be blooming. Hopefully I'll get more of those planted this fall. The critters around here really enjoy digging them up and eating them :( 
We had a new visitor at the suet feeder this week. A young Red Winged Blackbird. They don't normally feed at the feeders at all. I wanted to get more photos but the battery was near dead so this is the only one that managed to turn out. These newbies never show up when the camera is nearby and fully charged :) 
Another of my most un-favored but most frequent visitors. 
Today's drink is coffee again :) 
 The elixir of  LIFE ♥
I did manage to finish the journal page today too. 
Which is about all I have accomplished this day. The back is keeping me down pretty much and the walk in the yard was not an easy one. Tomorrow I finally get the spinal injection and hopefully RELIEF! 
I did manage to pick a small bunch of the different daffodils that are still blooming. 
I love having fresh flowers in the house ♥ 
So I'm off to lay on the ice pack again .
Hopefully I'll get by to visit folks later today. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday !

Hello again my Tuesday FRIENDS ♥
We'll start off this week with my beverage photo or you know I will forget it :) 
I was feeling very Spring like when I painted this last week. And then Spring arrives liked this
The bright post of the day being a visit from the local hawk again.

Not the best photos of the hawk because the camera kept focusing on the snow:( 
We had a hard freeze last night so all of the plum blossoms are gone  ...can you hear me crying ? 
I haven't gone out and did a thorough check of damage...too depressing. 
The snow is all gone now and the daffodils have popped back up... they are very hardy :) 

I missed a couple of days work last week with the Fibro and my back again. 
I'm trying to get into the pain clinic for another injection but we're playing the insurance company game now. 
The insurance will no longer approve the injections just because I'm in so much pain I can't stand it and ask for one. No I have to make an appointment to see the doctor first then have them request approval for an injection . The doctors visit is tomorrow and they said it's been taking 2-3 days for approval to come and then they have to squeeze me in as asap. GRRRR>>>>!!! Before I just called and told them I needed one and they got me right in and I got it. I really do hate insurance anymore. It gets worse and worse every year and cost more too.
At least through all of this I was still able to draw and paint.  So here is this weeks art, which I'm very happy with. 

 The first two are from the "COLOUR ME POSITIVE" year long challenge I'm doing and the last is from another group where we did a practice meditation and then some scribbling with our eyes closed.
We put our pencil on the paper scribbled a bit , lifted our pencil moved the paper a twisted and then scribbled some more. All with out eyes closed. Then we looked the  scribbles and tried to pick a picture out of it. I wish I had taken a photo of just the scribble. But I was so excited to see the gourd vase with the vine type "ideas" flowing out of it that I just grabbed the brushes and started painting. 
I have trouble with meditation of any type. My brain just doesn't function that way. It always races at 100 MPH jumping from one thing to the next. One reason school was always so hard for me. :) 
The only time I can really focus is on my art and if I am reading a really interesting book. That's why my blog post jump from one thing to another all of the time. :) 
So I guess I have rambled enough for one post and had better get it posted . 
One more thing.. a blogger friend mentioned that I should remind you all that if you click on my photos the do enlarge and can be seen much better. So you are now reminded in case you're interested  LOL! '
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Friday, March 11, 2016

Paint Party Friday 5th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday 
Paint Party Friday!!!!
You're five years old and going. 
It's been a great five years and one of the first regular art groups I joined on the internet. 
A place where I have consistently received encouragement and " warm fuzzies " and have met a whole new world of amazing and talented people. 
Thank you Eva and Kristin for bringing us all together every week. 
 So now the art. 
For another art challenge I'm doing this year "Colour Me Positive"  I did two journal pages this week. 
The first one I was really not connecting to the given quote and this was what I did.
 I loved the colors and the swirls but just didn't feel it connected to the quote.  
So then I went to my 29 Faces journal and painted one of the sketched I already had drawn and the connection was made. 
In the garden today we had a visit from 
"Mr. Woody"  he isn't around much in warmer weather so it was nice to see him. 

He was rummaging around in the leaves looking for bugs and worms to eat. 
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Saturday, March 5, 2016

PAINT PARTY FRIDAY~~~~~ on Saturday this week. :(

Where has my week gone? 
It started out creative and full of energy and then just disappeared into a fog.
I see and feel glimpse of it here and there but just can't get a hold of it . 
 But some art was done. 
For Colour Me Positive I refined  my self portrait that I did in 29 Faces and added words. 
  I also added background colors to a couple of the other faces from 29 Faces that I want to paint. 

.... and I worked on the General Custer painting for my husband's birthday gift. 
This one is giving me difficulties as there aren't any color photo's of him. They didn't exist then. So it's hard for me to get the shadings right . 
I have another week to work on it. 
In the mean time the warmer days we have now and then are drawing me outside. :) 
So that is where I am headed now. 
Much to do to clean up the messes made by winter.  
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