Friday, March 11, 2016

Paint Party Friday 5th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday 
Paint Party Friday!!!!
You're five years old and going. 
It's been a great five years and one of the first regular art groups I joined on the internet. 
A place where I have consistently received encouragement and " warm fuzzies " and have met a whole new world of amazing and talented people. 
Thank you Eva and Kristin for bringing us all together every week. 
 So now the art. 
For another art challenge I'm doing this year "Colour Me Positive"  I did two journal pages this week. 
The first one I was really not connecting to the given quote and this was what I did.
 I loved the colors and the swirls but just didn't feel it connected to the quote.  
So then I went to my 29 Faces journal and painted one of the sketched I already had drawn and the connection was made. 
In the garden today we had a visit from 
"Mr. Woody"  he isn't around much in warmer weather so it was nice to see him. 

He was rummaging around in the leaves looking for bugs and worms to eat. 
Today's Random Thoughts

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  1. Carol, I can see how the quote works with both your gorgeous paintings. I love the swirls and colors in the first one. The second one makes me go wow, because the eyes are so beautiful.

  2. Happy PPF! Lovely paintings and I adore the colours and the beautiful butterfly! Lovely quotes! Very strong and hopeful. Very positive. Truly beautiful! Happy PPF and have a lovely weekend!

  3. Hi Carol. I always love the quotes you have. Awesome paintings. Hope life has been good to you so far this year. Enjoy and be happy.

  4. Love how you used the quote in both lovely pieces, and thanks for sharing the wonderful bird photos. Have a good week, and take care of yourself, hugs, Valerie

  5. Both are beautiful paintings! I love Mr. Woody too!
    Alison x

  6. your art is lovely to see Carol.
    it must be hard to feel inspired if you are not connected to a quote to use.
    i also enjoy watching the birds. these ones have been drumming on trees the past month.

  7. Both pages are beautiful and I think the first one represents the quote as well as the second one! Gosh aren't those woodpeckers amazing to see? I am waiting for one to begin appearing in my yard again. So far only the smaller downys and red bellied ones. Thanks for the thoughtful quotes at the end too. Happy rest of the weekend and happy PPF too!

  8. Carol you need to remind readers in the caption to enlarge your photos with a click...they are gorgeous when the beautiful detail... Thanks for sharing everything including woody which I loved too!!Always such heart and wisdom in your posts!! Thanks for sharing and being so authentic!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Carol I too love your quotes. Add them to your art and you have the full package. A truly lovely post.

  10. I like both of your art pieces! Mr. Woody is a cool woodpecker!

  11. This is really beautiful. My daughter loves art and painting and is turning 4 this month. I am planning to have a similar themed party for her at one of venues in NYC. Thanks for giving me ideas for her party planning.

  12. Oh so beautiful pages , photos and quotes!