Tuesday, October 27, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday 
It's misty rain and foggy here today.. a good day for staying inside. 
No pretty sunrise photos today... but there have been some during the past week.

I've finally finished processing the last of the garden harvest :( I never like to see it come to an end. 
The last of the Pablaneo peppers are blanched  and frozen and the carrots all chopped up and frozen too. 
I had another lone Dahlia plant give it's first bloom of the season... I can't believe it survived the frost form last week .
It seems I only have the purple ones left. So next year I'll have to buy more colors. 
I'm still working on several different journals. 
For the Recipe journal that I covered with gelli prints I decided I needed a decorative tape to neat up the inside where the prints wrapped around the edge of the cover. Of course nothing I had it stock matched. So I got out the gelli plate again and made my own. 
I used white artist masking tape and covered a sheet of freezer paper with it (forgot to take that photo) then used my gelli plate to cover the whole sheet. I got a bit heavy with the paint so it took forever to dry.. I could have blotted some off but I really liked the patterns I had going so I left it as is. 
Here's the journal after using the tape.
I'm also working in my "WildThings" journal again and here is the WIP...along with my cup of coffee. 
It has a lot of work to be done yet. 

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Paint Party Friday

It' Friday again 
and time to celebrate 
It seems like it's been forever since I've shown up for the party. This , that and the other has prevented me from being around much anywhere lately. 
Not even very much art done recently but several WIP'S are going on :) 
I have started working on 2 new journals that will be gift this Christmas. 
Here are their covers far..

...they are subject to complete change in the future. Both will be cookbooks combined with art and little memories . 
I've also started my first larger journal. A 9 inch X 12 inch . It didn't start out as a theme journal but I think it has morphed onto one after finishing the first lay out. 
I shared it earlier this week with my "T" friends but it's changed a bit since then and will change again I'm sure.
I'm thinking it will a "Wild Things" journal...we'll see :)
I've already been playing with some images for the layout...again nothing firm yet.
My energy levels have been real hit and miss lately so combine that with my A.D.D. that has gone ballistic again everything is in a state of  incompleteness . 
The garden season is over and most things have gone dormant , died or in the process of getting there.  A few stragglers that refuse to give up...

The Hubs likes everything neat and tidy..inside and out. I'm just not wired that way. Inside we work things out but side is a constant discussion with passion :) As soon as it dyes off he wants it cut back ..I like to leave the seed heads and brush for the birds and cut back in early Spring. So usually in front of the house get cu back but in the rest of the flower garden I get my way. 
Then I can look out the windows and see this...
 ...although squirrels are not my friend after staling all of my apples this year :( 

The veggie garden is done. Most of the plants are pulled out and the garlic is planted for next year. I still need to get some mulching done and some areas covered with black plastic to kill off the grass and weeds that took over when I got down. That should all happen this week. 
The leaves are falling everywhere. Hubs raked up the first big batch and mulched them and moved them to the leave compost bin. Most of this batch will get used to mulch the garden with but there will be many more batches before they all stop falling.
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Monday, October 19, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

I can't believe it's Tuesday already! 
I think I spend the entire week in bed or at least 80 % of it. 
The sinus infection spiraled out of control again and then I ended up with a bad UTI on top of it :( I haven't been that sick for a very long time. Another trip to Urgent Care and more of the DREADED ANTIBIOTICS and I think I might actually be getting better. Not  positive yet .  
So not much art this week at all :( 
A doodle...
The background was already done ... the doodles were made with a white gel pen as I laid in bed watching TV and drinking my required liquids.  Just what I wanted to be doing since I was already running to the bathroom way too much already :( But I do understand the need for it...just don't like it :/ 
Another thing I have a tendency to do when I'm sick is look through old cookbooks.  Weird I know as food wasn't appealing to me at all and I was barely eating. Maybe I was looking for something to jump/start my appetite?
 This is a book I've had for 20 plus years now and made several delicious meals out of. It came from my husband's grandmother who was from Poland.
 On the back pages of the book she had written the page numbers of some of her favorite recipes  and others I have made are ones my husband remembered and I looked them up in the index. 
There were all so lots of loose pages she had hand written recipes on and stuck them in the book. :) 
What I never realized before was this was more than a recipe book...
... it was also a book about everyday life in Poland before and during  the turn of the century. The book was published in 1948.
Special Holidays are included...
So I will be reading more of this great book this fall and winter and trying out many more of the recipes. Some recipes I just won't be making!
 Like Duck Soup ...which sounded like it might be good...until I got to the part about using the ducks blood ( or pigs blood if you didn't have ducks blood) to make the sauce. Nope! Not making that one! 
For my required drink here it is.... can you find it among the clutter that has become my desk top this month?
The sacred coffee cup that had to be refilled 2 times just to have the energy to clear off the half of my desk with the computer on it. So I could write this post with out something sliding off onto the floor or my lap :( 
Hopefully I'll get the other half cleaned off tomorrow or the next day.
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Monday, October 12, 2015


A new week and I think I'm ready to join the living again. It seems I've been missing in action forever but it's actually only been a week. I lost the battle with the cold I was fighting off last week and went down for the count. Not over it completely but at least I'm somewhat functional today. 
Even in the mood to do a bit of art :) 
Since several of my journals are almost full I decided to get a couple of new ones recently. A buy one one free sale  made it convenient and affordable to get several sizes. So now I have a larger size than I've ever had before :)  9" X 12"  which just happens to be my favorite size to work with ♥
So I picked out magazine pictures and started a collage. Of course I forgot to take the first stage photo. But here's the next step.
The deer where in a conservation magazine and the awesome door was in  a Home Depot Associate Magazine... the earth photo came out of a National Geographic . The bird was free hand drawn . 

Then filling in the background and adding some details...
Painting the bird and painting over the deer to make them look more like a fantasy creature. Also adding more details to the sky again for the fantasy feel I was striving for. The door was so pretty that I decided not to paint over it :) 
I'm not sure if it's done but I'm done for today ..but one more photo with the required drink... which is coffee for me today ♥♥
The garden is pretty much done for the year. I've picked the last tomatoes and pulled the plants out of the straw bales. I'm mulching down some flower beds and the spot where I'm going to plant garlic this week with the straw that's left. It's really not much like straw at all now. It has totally decomposed in the center is a rich black compost with straw around the edges. 

 The butterflies are all gone now. Out of 14 caterpillars we got 12 butterflies ... one that was hatched deformed and died right away and then two that just never developed in the cocoons. It was a great project and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year. We have already started preparing another Milkweed bed out back..
When I cleaned up the butterfly tote I would dump the caterpillar waste into my miniature yellow rose plant. It was struggling from so much rain this summer. Well it definitely liked the caterpillar "POOP" :) It just keeps on blooming. 
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