Monday, October 19, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

I can't believe it's Tuesday already! 
I think I spend the entire week in bed or at least 80 % of it. 
The sinus infection spiraled out of control again and then I ended up with a bad UTI on top of it :( I haven't been that sick for a very long time. Another trip to Urgent Care and more of the DREADED ANTIBIOTICS and I think I might actually be getting better. Not  positive yet .  
So not much art this week at all :( 
A doodle...
The background was already done ... the doodles were made with a white gel pen as I laid in bed watching TV and drinking my required liquids.  Just what I wanted to be doing since I was already running to the bathroom way too much already :( But I do understand the need for it...just don't like it :/ 
Another thing I have a tendency to do when I'm sick is look through old cookbooks.  Weird I know as food wasn't appealing to me at all and I was barely eating. Maybe I was looking for something to jump/start my appetite?
 This is a book I've had for 20 plus years now and made several delicious meals out of. It came from my husband's grandmother who was from Poland.
 On the back pages of the book she had written the page numbers of some of her favorite recipes  and others I have made are ones my husband remembered and I looked them up in the index. 
There were all so lots of loose pages she had hand written recipes on and stuck them in the book. :) 
What I never realized before was this was more than a recipe book...
... it was also a book about everyday life in Poland before and during  the turn of the century. The book was published in 1948.
Special Holidays are included...
So I will be reading more of this great book this fall and winter and trying out many more of the recipes. Some recipes I just won't be making!
 Like Duck Soup ...which sounded like it might be good...until I got to the part about using the ducks blood ( or pigs blood if you didn't have ducks blood) to make the sauce. Nope! Not making that one! 
For my required drink here it is.... can you find it among the clutter that has become my desk top this month?
The sacred coffee cup that had to be refilled 2 times just to have the energy to clear off the half of my desk with the computer on it. So I could write this post with out something sliding off onto the floor or my lap :( 
Hopefully I'll get the other half cleaned off tomorrow or the next day.
Today's random thoughts...


  1. Oh Carol, I'm so sorry to read that you are still not feeling well. I wish I could do something for you, but of course, you live too far away for me to just "pop in."

    Your doodles look good. I suspect they took longer than anything I would ever attempt. And they are very colorful, too.

    My grandmother served duck for Easter one year, and I nearly threw up. I guess I don't like greasy dark meat, because that's how I remember duck. Thankfully, we never had duck again. But that looks like a very interesting recipe book. I have a couple of those books that have information other than recipes in them. They are fun to read, but I don't think I'd ever fix anything from them.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee (YES, I saw it), your art, and your recipe book with us for T this week.

  2. Sorry to hear you were feeling so bad, and hope hat you are now really on the mend. Love the doodle art! Coffee is always my medicine and helper for all tasks. The book about Poland looks very interesting. Have a better week, look after yourself, and happy T day, hugs,Valerie

  3. fabulous doodling and an interesting book ! Hope you feel better soon Carol!
    oxo and happy T-Day!

  4. What an interesting book! And very personal thanks to the handwritten notes etc. I love reading cookbooks. Yes, I do cook some of the recipes, but mostly I like to read about whatever the author specialized in or the travels or whatever. I love Jamie Oliver's books, as they have lots of chitchat around the subject, and beautiful photos.
    I enjoyed reading your 'wisdom' thoughts.
    I'm sorry to hear you are still feeling worse for wear. Hope you get better soon,

  5. sorry to hear you have been so ill . I hope as of today you are much better! Fabulous doodle art pages! How precious to have that cookbook with all the memories, recipes and peeks into Polish life then. I know what you mean about some of the old recipes though-I have French cookbook that actually calls for a bucket of goat's blood-EEEEEEWWW! Wishing you well and a happy T day!

  6. Hope you are well on the mend now after drinking all the liquids and resting. You still created more art than I did this week!

    Just having the passed down cookbook is special with all her comments on the recipes.

  7. What a bummer about your lingering sickness. Hope the meds help more than hurt. I hate taking them but eventually you have to in certain cases.
    Cooking with blood...blech. My dad used to like blood sausage. Blech!! Makes me gag a little just thinking about it.
    I love old cook books. My mom has passed along all but one of her oldies.
    Happy T day!

  8. Sure glad you are feeling better Carol.
    Not fun when things spiral out of control in the health department that's for sure.
    Your doodle pages made me think of healing micro organisms swirling to do their good work = beautiful doodling!
    That cookbook certainly is a treasure.
    One good thing about the cooler weather is a bit of a chance to slow down and go within ... in theory anyway :-) there is always something that needs doing isn't there.
    Take good care and hope you are feeling 100% very soon
    Happy T Day

  9. "Nothing changes until you change....." Brilliant! Thx for that :)

    I'm sorry you've been so ill and that it's hanging on so long. Bummer :( I hope your appetite is back and you're back up to your old self soon!

    There's something about the "sacred coffee cup" isn't there! Set apart for a special use. :)

  10. Being sick is absolutely no fun....sorry your weren't having fun!
    Love the old cookbook. I have a few of my grandmother's, but mostly the old recipe cards......all browned with age, but safely tucked away.
    I do like your doodles.
    My desk ahs looked like yours this week, just trying to organize and make some room...LOL isn't that always the case??
    Happy T-day...hope you get to feeling much better.

  11. Oh, I do hope you are feeling better! I can totally understand about numerous trips to the bathroom....What a treasure that cookbook is! Love the old illustrations. I wish books had more interesting design in them nowadays. So maybe when you are feeling better you will whip up a Polish recipe for us! ? ;) Love your doodles too...get well soon!

  12. Glad to hear you are on the mend! Your doodled pages look brilliant! The Polish cookery book looks so interesting! Don't push yourself too much - tidying can wait! Chrisx

  13. Hate to hear you are not feeling well but happy to hear that you think you are improving. CH and I have both been fighting health issues all summer and now fall... ugh. Hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel next month! Hate antibiotics! Take care of yourself, Carol! I am always happy to see a doodle you have drawn!

  14. Oh I love the "doodles," they are so pretty and fresh. I hope you feel even better soon.