Tuesday, October 27, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday 
It's misty rain and foggy here today.. a good day for staying inside. 
No pretty sunrise photos today... but there have been some during the past week.

I've finally finished processing the last of the garden harvest :( I never like to see it come to an end. 
The last of the Pablaneo peppers are blanched  and frozen and the carrots all chopped up and frozen too. 
I had another lone Dahlia plant give it's first bloom of the season... I can't believe it survived the frost form last week .
It seems I only have the purple ones left. So next year I'll have to buy more colors. 
I'm still working on several different journals. 
For the Recipe journal that I covered with gelli prints I decided I needed a decorative tape to neat up the inside where the prints wrapped around the edge of the cover. Of course nothing I had it stock matched. So I got out the gelli plate again and made my own. 
I used white artist masking tape and covered a sheet of freezer paper with it (forgot to take that photo) then used my gelli plate to cover the whole sheet. I got a bit heavy with the paint so it took forever to dry.. I could have blotted some off but I really liked the patterns I had going so I left it as is. 
Here's the journal after using the tape.
I'm also working in my "WildThings" journal again and here is the WIP...along with my cup of coffee. 
It has a lot of work to be done yet. 

Today's Random Thoughts


  1. I do love Zig Ziglar's quotes. Yes, our garden is finished except for the kale for this year. Fun to make your own gelli print tapes. I have even done different sized peel and stick labels to add to art journal pages etc. Your wild things pages look super-love your chosen imagery! Happy T day!

  2. You have been busy again, your are so connected to your garden, love to hear you talk about it. Nice work in your journals, and love the idea of home made washi tape, very clever. Have a happy T day and a great week, hugs, Valerie

  3. Brilliant DIY tape! turned out terrific, and your journal notebook looks fab! wonderful Wild Things pages too...happy T day! ♥

  4. I wanted to freeze the last of my basil, but decided to let it dry instead. I know what you mean by the last of the garden. We were supposed to have a frost on Saturday or Sunday, but because of my shoulder, I couldn't get the plants inside. I'll have to try sometime this or next week, if the weather holds. So far, the temps have only gotten in the low 40s F to high 30s F at night. I have a LOT of work to do in the herb garden because I've sort of let it go to waste.

    I really LOVE your Wild Things journal. It goes well with your coffee, too.

    Almost forgot the masking tape. That is original. I've made my own using rubber stamps, but would never have considered using my gelli.

    Thanks for sharing your flowers, garden, your ingenious tape, and your journal, as well as your coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. There is something so magical and mystical about fog.
    You know Carol when I first saw your pepper photo it made me think of sea glass LOL.
    Great monoprinted masking tape for your lovely recipe book.
    That Dahlia is stunning...I would make a good Dahlia because I like cooler weather too ;-)
    Happy T Day and thanks for sharing that great selection of quotes too.

  6. Of course, I love that purple Dahlia! What a beauty. You certainly got a lot out of your garden this year and will be able to enjoy your hard work though the winter!

  7. Your recipe journal looks interesting. I'm also trying to get ideas on making one. Thank you for sharing such meaningful quotes.
    Wishing you a great week

  8. Pretty sunrises. I like what you did with your journal and the gelli prints. Happy T Day! :)

  9. Love the Work in Progress! It rained a slow soaking rain all day yesterday... I am happy and so are the trees, bushes, and weeds in our yard. I did just what you said and stayed inside...:)

  10. How creative to make your own printed tape. I MUST try that myself. Thanks for the inspiration and Happy T-Day!

  11. i love your art and your quotes. and the photos could have been taken right here... fog and fog and fog. (so what? time to get creative inside:))

  12. Great idea making your own decorative tape! It's looking fantastic on your journalcover! And your WIP is such a happy scene, it looks like they're in the middle of the jungle and having lots of fun ... :-)

  13. That purple dahlia is stunning and your journal pages are gorgeous!Love the photos and your washi tape.Cool!Happy T Day! :)