Tuesday, November 3, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

AH...It's Tuesday again and time to visit Elizabeth and Bleubeard :) 
It's another super foggy day here... the same fog that prevented us from really seeing the Northern Lights last night. :( We did get a hint of them as the fog took on the pinks and greens but that was it. 
I was very disappointed  over that... I had literally been dreaming of the Northern lights for about 2 weeks . Before I had heard of the rare sighting that happened last night. My husband leaves his radio on low at night on a talk radio show and they probably mentioned them and I heard it in my sleep and wove them into my dreams. 
Our weather has been warm again and we've gotten some much needed rain. So I bought myself a discounted rose bush and planted it. 
It's a tiny little thing and only cost me four bucks so if it doesn't make it no big lost. This was the day I planted it and with the rains we've had it has already perked up and looks much better. Once the leaves all fall of with the cold I'll mulch it very heavy with shredded leaves . I'll place a wire cage around it to hold the leaves in place. So hopefully it will survive and I'll have roses again. I lost all of my roses to the drought and severe heat we had 2 summers in a row. 
Now I'm busy covering the veggie garden in cardboard and black plastic but I don't have any pictures of that yet. I'll wait until I'm done which will be a while yet because my energy doesn't last long these days. 
I did finish the "Wild Things" journal page I was working on. No words yet but they will come to me someday ...
This week I am working in a different journal and trying to catch up with some challenges that I missed. So I'm combining several challenges into one spread. I have fall colors, coffee and tea, and I've got to add dreams and emotions  to it but I think I know where that is going. I used coffee to stain the the background and then started adding the fall colors .. I have a teabag I'm going to add to the page. 
There's my morning coffee cup too. Since having the bad UTI  I'm restricted to having one cup a day . I use my giant cups but I don't fill them up. It just gives me the illusion of having a big cup of coffee every day. 
I do miss those later in the day  cups of coffee :( 
Today's Random Thoughts


  1. Perfect KINDNESS quote Carol.
    We too are enjoying some perfectly lovely days here in VA.
    What a shame about the Northern Light show getting fogged out.
    That must be beyond magical to witness...just seeing photos of it leaves me in awe. Hope you get another chance to see it!
    Your WILD THINGS pages look great already.
    Happy T Day oxo

  2. Your journal pages look wonderful, glad you got them finished. Hope your little rose will survive - my best ever rose at my last place was a 1€ cheapie, so hope yours will be just as beautiful come next year. That's a good trick with the big cup to make it look like more! Look after yourself, hugs, Valerie

  3. We've got sunshine and a high predicted of 78F today. Yesterday we had dreary gray skies all day. It's been very changeable lately. Your new rose looks like a survivor :) Happy T Tuesday!

  4. This is a great post. Kindness needs to spread and you have done just that through your art.

  5. Such a lovely post Carol. We got some much needed rain yesterday.....rained steady all day. The kind of rain the ground likes to soak in.
    Happy T-day

  6. Happy T Day :D We are having quite summery weather here in NE Scotland, yet it is supposed to be Autumn, getting grey and cold. The weather is being weird everywhere I think! :D

  7. We had a reprieve in our weather, too. Our local weather person said it feels like summer never left. I now must get out before it actually freezes and take care of my herb garden. I'm like you. What used to take me a day will probably be two to three days. It's sad, but my shoulder injury hasn't helped.

    I don't think I could survive on one cup of coffee a day. I drink the equivalent of about four of those mugs each day. Glad you are able to slow down without getting severe headaches.

    I know you are busy, and I'm so grateful you joined us with your lovely rose bush, your gorgeous art, and your coffee for T this Tuesday.

  8. Wonderful spread, and your quotes are spot on. Some days I am amazed at how kind strangers can be to one another, and other days I am amazed at how much it is lacking. Happy T-Day!

  9. Great journal pages. My favorite is the second one with all the bright colors. Wonderful quote on kindness
    Have a great week

  10. I just LOVE the quotes you put at the end of your posts.. Many times one or more of them is just what i need to hear. :) Lovely artwork! Happy tday! Hugs! deb

  11. Good luck with all your gardening and art endeavors! Hope your infection clears up soon. Happy T Day. :)

  12. ah, a new little rose. it is that time of getting everything in the garden done before winter hits. I am starting to wonder if i have enough firewood, I guess i will find out.
    May your UTI go away and never come back. Herb tea is nice too.

  13. That little rose will make it I'm sure. A few weeks ago a large supermarket that i do the shopping in gave away a free plant at the till to every shopper. The plants looked dead and neglected. I took it home and watered it and the next day it had perked up and now it is flowering. I'm sure with TLC your rose will make it.
    I love your art work and the quotes. So true. People are kinder than you would think. We are led to believe that everybody is bad because that is all we see on tv, but I believe that mankind is basically good (with some exceptions of course).
    Have a great week,
    Thanks for visiting me earlier,

  14. Your wild thing page spread looks quite exotic! But I love all the many colors in that next one. Sounds like you are almost ready for winter. Won't be long. Happy T-Day! :)

  15. you seem to be very busy with your garden and all...hope the new little rose bush flourishes! Wonderful new journal pages too....happy T day!

  16. Hello and Happy T Day! I hope your roses will grow beautifully for you. The art pages are colorful and happy! We are having warm days here too, enjoying it while it lasts. Sorry about the ITU and less coffee now, hang in there. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Love your art journal pages and your little rose is adorable!Your quotes are lovely!Kindness is always the answer!Happy T Day :)

  18. i had to grin about "no words yet" in the Journal... i´m sure they will come, as your quotes Show your interest in sayings... good luck with the rose. from my experience the discounted ones are as good as others,,,
    happy rest of the week!

  19. Our weather has finally turned...very windy with temps dropping. Sorry to hear about the UTI...those are awful! Fun journal pages.
    Happy T day...a little late!

  20. Lovely journal pages and I hope the rose survives the winter for you. Happy T on Tuesday a bit late!

  21. We had rain most of the day yesterday, thankfully! Happy you got some roses. Love the "Wild Things".... :) We have tons of leaves on the ground and CH has already sucked up 12 loads with the DR. Hope we get them up before Thanksgiving! The fall colors page looks interesting!!!!